HAITI HEADLINES: New MINUSTAH Head Well-Suited to Do US Bidding, Case Against Amnesty for Baby Doc, and UN Says Haiti Institutions Should Get the Dough

Posted on June 24, 2011


Secretary-General Appoints Mariano Fernandez of Chile as Special Representative for Haiti and Head of Stabilization Mission There

As the new head of MINUSTAH, Fernandez is well-suited to do the US’ bidding.  Check out his previous diplomatic postings.

The Case Against Amnesty for “Baby Doc” Duvalier in Haiti:  Fabrication and Forgiveness Set a Dangerous Precedent

Don’t forget to check out the full article which will be published in Haiti Liberte soon.

Give aid directly to Haitian institutions to build back better, says UN report

Excellent idea that has been around a long time and one wonders how could the UN have taken so long to “get it.”  But, then again, a US-dominated UN and UNSC has a way of burying concepts that would benefit the people of Haiti.  This report probably only surfaced now because that Cuba-Venezuela lovin’ Rene Preval, who was often disobedient with the US  is finally out of office and new Prezy, Mickey Martelly, hand-picked by the US, will follow instructions to a “T.”