Haiti-Cuba-Venezuela Analysis (HCVA) blog focuses on the impact of US intervention and destabilization on these three countries. The blog will feature articles by longtime Latin America and Caribbean watchers as well as analysis and comments by me.  Finally, there is an “info” page for each country that includes historical background, including articles, videos, and photos.


  1. I have just discovered this site when I read an excellent article by John Maxwell on Cuba, the US and OAS. I am the author of the book, Che Guevara: the economics of revolution, the review of which, by Diana Raby, you have posted in this site.

    I also work with the campaign Rock around the Blockade, which was set up by young people in Britain in 1995, to campaign in solidarity with the socialist revolution in Cuba. It would be great to have a link to this site and I would like to receive the articles and news you send out.




    July 21, 2009

    You don’t Have to be on any side to Appreciate the Openness of this site, to the Point where you consider how Dialogue and listening are the Fundamental axes to improve relationship. A calling for Diplomacy. All the Commenters, Writers here are all Valuable and show up different set of logics to clearly support their position. Let’s Keep on with respect for all the parties involved.

    On the Other side, to you all mostly involved, i suggest that you strenghen your approaches by states the opposers or adversaries positive deeds and words, Wheighing them with your valuable theses then have your more countable or Stronger.

    I keep on with my eyes opened on what you’ll bring next time.

    Haiti Particularly need this kind of Forum, and i plan to attract personally the attention of several organisations and Characters to this site.


    Specialist in NGOs Management
    President of the Organisation
    Haiti Participative (HP)

  3. I am happy to have discovered this site, as there are so few that cover Venezuela in a non-Fox/CNN manner; I will tell my friends, the few I have left; yes I am pro-Chavez

    • Thanks for writing. Glad you dropped in to the site. As you can see, most of what I am posting lately concerns Haiti mainly because Haiti has a far smaller solidarity effort. I’ll start putting more up about Venezuela and Cuba.

      Again, thanks for checking in.



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