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MINUSTAH by the Numbers: Haiti Occupied by Third Largest UN Peacekeeping Contingent in the World and It is Not Even a War Zone

December 12, 2011


MINUSTAH by the Numbers, Center for Economic and Policy Research Thursday, 08 December 2011 14:19 The United Nations Peacekeeping operation in Haiti, MINUSTAH by its French acronym, has been the target of recent popular protests and a source of controversy because of its role in re-introducing cholera to Haiti, the sexual assault of a young […]

HAITI: Protesters in Haiti Demand UN Troop Withdrawal Following Abuse of Young Man

September 16, 2011


Protesters in Haiti demand UN troop withdrawal following alleged abuse of young man – The Washington Post By Associated Press, Published: September 14 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Protesters calling for the withdrawal of U.N. peacekeepers from Haiti clashed with police Wednesday outside the earthquake-damaged Haitian National Palace.The protesters hurled rocks at Haitian police in riot gear as […]

UN Troops in Haiti Accused of Sexual Assault

September 7, 2011


UN Troops In Haiti Accused of Sexual Assault Video Of Incident May Make Charges Stick This Time By Mark Weisbrot This article was published in The Guardian (UK) on September 3, 2011. If anyone wants to reprint it, please include a link to the original. The video is profoundly disturbing.  It shows four men, identified […]

In Haiti, Inaction Speaks Louder than Words: Hurricane Emily’s Near-Miss Too Close for IDP Camps

August 8, 2011


In Haiti, Inaction Speaks Louder Than Words: Hurricane Emily’s Near-Miss Too Close for Island’s Displaced Persons Camps (CounterPunch) 8 August 2011 Comments: 0 By. Mark Schuller and Mark Sny­der, CounterPunch August 7, 2011– There is a Hait­ian proverb, se bouch ki manje tout manje, men se pa bouch ki pale tout pawòl, the mouth eats […]

HAITI HEADLINES: New MINUSTAH Head Well-Suited to Do US Bidding, Case Against Amnesty for Baby Doc, and UN Says Haiti Institutions Should Get the Dough

June 24, 2011


Secretary-General Appoints Mariano Fernandez of Chile as Special Representative for Haiti and Head of Stabilization Mission There As the new head of MINUSTAH, Fernandez is well-suited to do the US’ bidding.  Check out his previous diplomatic postings. The Case Against Amnesty for “Baby Doc” Duvalier in Haiti:  Fabrication and Forgiveness Set a Dangerous Precedent Don’t […]

Cuba’s Unindictable Indictment of Int’l. Donor Response to Haiti

April 8, 2011


A year ago, during the international donors’ meeting at the United Nations, Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, made an extraordinary presentation regarding his country’s intended response to the devastating impact of the January 2010 earthquake on the people of Haiti.  He said that Cuba would not be making a financial contribution, rather it would […]

OAS Removes its Special Representative in Haiti for Telling It Like It Is About UN Peacekeeping Mission

December 30, 2010


OAS Removes Special Representative in Haiti from Post ST. DOMINGO – The Organization of American States removed its special representative in Haiti, Ricardo Seitenfus, from his post, a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. The move came after the publication in a Swiss newspaper of remarks attributed to the diplomat in which he questioned the […]

Wikileaks Show Why Washington Won’t Allow Democracy in Haiti

December 17, 2010


  Wikileaks Show Why Washington Won’t Allow Democracy in Haiti   By Mark Weisbrot This column was published by The Guardian Unlimited (UK) on December 17, 2010. If anyone wants to reprint it, please include a link to the original. The polarization of the debate around Wikileaks is pretty simple, really. Of all the governments […]

Haiti’s Sham Elections Shames US by Mark Weisbrot

December 1, 2010


Comment is free Cif America Haiti’s sham election shames US Washington cannot confer legitimacy on this flawed election that does nothing for Haitians living under tarps, menaced by cholera Mark Weisbrot, Wednesday 1 December 2010 23.27 GMT Article history UN soldiers from Sri Lanka at the Haitian election tabulation centre in Port-au-Prince. The elections […]

As Haiti’s World Turns: Wyclef’s Uncle, Ambassador to US, to Announce Candidacy for President

July 28, 2010


Raymond Joseph, the Haitian Ambassador to the US, is an engaging and slick operator.  He was sent to the US in 2004 to represent a murderous, illegal, unconstitutional government that the US, France, and Canada installed in Haiti after the coup against Aristide.  Its leaders were Boniface Alexandre and Gerard Latortue who quickly set in […]