Fidel Speaks to Large Crowd from the Steps of the University of Havana — Urges Students to Defend Peace (PICS)

Posted on September 3, 2010


Following this short article are a few pictures taken at the event by photojournalist, Roberto Chile. The full set of pics can be found at Cubadebate — a link is provided directly after the article.

Fidel looks nothing short of TERRIFIC!  Viva Fidel!

Cuban Revolution Leader Adressses University Students in HavanaFidel Castro Urges University Students to Defend Peace

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 3 (acn) Commander in Chief Fidel Castro said on Friday that it is possible to win the battle to avoid a nuclear war of unpredictable consequences for the world and to defend the right of all human beings to live.

 Cuban News Agency

Addressing thousands of university students and others at the steps of the University of Havana, where —as Fidel has said— he became a revolutionary and found the true purpose of his life, the leader of the Cuban Revolution called upon all the governments and peoples of the world to save peace, life and the future of humanity.

“Humanity’s time to wage this battle is incredibly limited,” warned Fidel in reference to the real and imminent threat of another war in the Middle East that could have catastrophic consequences for the human race.
Wearing his trademark olive green uniform, Fidel read his message to the students urging them and everyone to fight against those who have imposed a system that threatens the very existence of the human species and the planet.

“We are here to convince, to persuade, to avoid a war that would end our hopes, and to show that we are all devoted to the love for life,” said Maydel Gomez Lago, president of the Cuban Federation of University Students (FEU).

“We will defend our right to live until the end; we don’t want to die in such an absurd way; we want to see our dreams come true,” she added and called upon US President Barack Obama to restrain himself from launching a nuclear war.

“We have the right to fight for our future and it’s our duty to build it. We still have time. Let’s defend peace; life will not forgive us if we do less than that,” she concluded.

PHOTOS by Roberto Chile taken from the Cubadebate site.  There is also a video of Fidel’s speech at the site as well.

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