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VIDEOS: Haitians Speak About Shelter, Foreign Aid, Farming, and Sweatshops

April 12, 2010


Please go to Ansel Herz’ website MEDIAHACKER to view four important videos featuring Haitians talking about their country and their lives.  The first video concerns the alarming lack of adequate shelter for many homeless victims of the January 12 earthquake.  The remaining three videos are by Al Jazeera journalist, Sebastion Walker, showing a great deal of […]

Contractors/NGOs Can Resume “Democracy” Trips to Cuba, US Says

April 9, 2010


In addition to US contractors and NGOs, USAID gives contracts and grants to foreign organizations for “pro-democracy” efforts as well.  The idea is that it is easier for non-US organizations to get supplies, cash, etc., in under the Cuban radar.  Little escapes the watchful eyes of Cuban immigration and intelligence services. Cuba democracy trips can resume, […]

GRANMA EDITORIAL: “We Will Defend the Truth with Our Ethics and Our Principles”

April 8, 2010


This editorial was published in the print edition of Granma and takes up the entire front page.  Cuba is fired up! EDITORIAL We will defend the truth with our ethics and our principles THE empire and its allies have launched a new crusade in an attempt to demonize Cuba. Its powerful political and media machinery […]

US Takeover of Haiti: The Centerpieces of US, UN, and World Bank Plan are Sweatshops and Tourism

April 6, 2010


U.S. Takeover of Haiti: The centerpieces of the US, UN, and World Bank Plan for Haiti are Sweatshops and Tourisim By Kim Ives Global Research, April 5, 2010 When this article appears on the morning of March 31, the much ballyhooed “International Donors Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti” will be getting underway […]

Jose Pertierra – The War Against Cuba: New Budgets, Same Premise

April 6, 2010


The War Against Cuba: New Budgets, Same Premise José Pertierra Translation: Machetera “…a genuine national political movement cannot be manufactured in the capital of the enemy. Parties and movements are not exportable commodities, because a political party cannot be bought and sold as though it were a can of spam… That this kind of foreign […]

HAITI POST-QUAKE: Devastation, Depravation, Exploitation, and Oppression

March 30, 2010


Haiti Post-Quake: Devastation, Depravation, Exploitation, and Oppression By Stephen Lendman March 29, 2010 Two and half months post-quake, the major media mostly ignore Haiti, the calamitous conditions on the ground, and the growing desperation of millions forced to largely endure on their own – out of sight, mind, the concern of world leaders, and UN, […]

State Dept.: “Building an Effective Civilian Capacity to Address Crises, Conflicts, and Countries in Transition”

March 24, 2010


Jeez, more State Dept. folks gathering intelligence and generally mucking things up around the world. This plan should produce a knock-down, drag-out fight between State and Defense.  U.S. Must Strengthen Civilian Expeditionary Capacity Dane F. Smith | 24 Mar 2010 The State Department is close to winding up the initial phase of a Quadrennial Diplomacy […]

Post-Quake Revitalization Plans Collide in Haiti’s Breadbasket

March 8, 2010


March 8, 2010 Post-Quake Revitalization Plans Collide in Haiti’s Breadbasket By NATHANIAL GRONEWOLD of Greenwire THOMONDE, Haiti — This community once bustled with farmers growing and selling corn, sugar cane, coffee, mangoes and potatoes. No more. Patrick Belizaire, 37, who returned here in 2008 to start a farm cooperative after living with his family in […]

Chomsky Post-Earthquake: Aid Should Go to Haitian Popular Orgs, Not Contractors or NGOs

March 5, 2010


  Chomsky Post-Earthquake: Aid Should go to Haitian Popular Organizations, not to Contractors or NGOs Keane Bhatt For decades, Noam Chomsky has been an analyst and activist working in support of the Haitian people. In addition to his revolutionary linguistics career at MIT, he has written, lectured and protested against injustice for 40 years. He […]

UN Says US Military Not Cooperative in Haiti: Will the Excessive Number of Haitian Deaths Prove It?

March 2, 2010


The following Washington Post article reveals that the US government, particularly the military, provided little cooperation to the UN, aid agencies, etc. to assist Haiti’s earthquake victims.  This resulted in a delay of supplies, food and water and caused many deaths. In addition to NGO and UN claims about the US’ unwillingness to play nice, the US  seems eerily detached […]