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Blackwater Provided “Unauthorized” Training in Colombia

August 25, 2010


In a State Department report, largely about Blackwater trafficking arms and violating export regulations in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is information about the company  providing “unauthorized” military training in Colombia without the Department’s permission.  By pointing the finger at Blackwater now, the State Department is building its case for plausible deniability — “we had no idea […]

MACHETERA: Colombia’s Uribe Takes Dictation One Last Time

July 27, 2010


Colombia: Uribe’s Farewell Spectacle – español Atilio A. Boron Translation: Machetera and Manuel Talens Álvaro Uribe, the empire’s unconditional pawn, took his leave from the Colombian presidency with a new provocation: the denunciation of FARC camps which he claimed to be established on Venezuelan territory.  Being neither dimwitted nor lazy, the U.S. State Department came […]

Nobody Buys State Dept. Fictional Horror Story on Cuba and Trafficking in Persons

June 15, 2010


And to think, after the triumph of the Revolution, a program was developed to get prostitutes off the streets which involved free health care and employment training. Cuba Rejects US Accusations of Trafficking in Persons Cuban News Agency HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 15 (acn) The head of the North American Department at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal, categorically rejected the […]

Private Contractors and Covert Wars in Latin America

June 12, 2010


Private Contractors and Covert Wars in Latin America Written by Cyril Mychalejko    Thursday, 10 June 2010 15:11   U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) threatened to issue subpoenas against the U.S. Defense and State Departments last month if they continue to refuse to accurately account for billions of dollars spent on private contractors assisting Washington […]

CUBA: The Bay of Pigs – Not One, but Two Days of Infamy

April 19, 2010


Alberto N Jones April 18, 2010 Not One, but Two Days of Infamy. At 5:00 PM on April 19, 1961, the Cuban government sent out its third and final military statement announcing, that all invading forces holed-up in their last outpost in Cayo Largo, had surrendered to the Cuban Armed Forces and the Militia. This […]

CUBA, ALBA Send Aid Directly to Haiti

April 9, 2010


  Cuba, ALBA send aid directly to Haiti by: W. T. Whitney Jr. April 6 2010 At a recent 136-nation UN conference, focused on reconstruction in Haiti, pledges from 59 nations and organizations came to $5.3 billion due within two years and $9.9 billion in ten years. The United States promised $1.15 billion, the European […]

State Dept.: “Building an Effective Civilian Capacity to Address Crises, Conflicts, and Countries in Transition”

March 24, 2010


Jeez, more State Dept. folks gathering intelligence and generally mucking things up around the world. This plan should produce a knock-down, drag-out fight between State and Defense.  U.S. Must Strengthen Civilian Expeditionary Capacity Dane F. Smith | 24 Mar 2010 The State Department is close to winding up the initial phase of a Quadrennial Diplomacy […]

OAS Decision on Cuba: No Surprise, All According to the Plan

June 3, 2009

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Today’s decision at the OAS meeting in Honduras to rescind the 1962 resolution that expelled Cuba is no surprise.  Meeting participants might have given the impression that a tortuous struggle ensued and that dawn’s light brought no sign of consensus.  But, if you look at all this as an intricate dance shared between partners expert […]

CUBA: No Visa for Cuban Singer Silvio Rodriguez to Celebrate Pete Seeger’s B’Day in NY

May 4, 2009

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The US State Department failed to issue a visa to Cuba’s premier singer, Silvio Rodriguez, to join Pete Seeger in NY to celebrate his 90th birtday.Shame on the US State Department, once again!  Please see Silvio’s explanation of what happened (or didn’t) below. Call the State Department and White House to bitch! U.S. State Department […]


May 3, 2009


Reflections by Comrade Fidel CUBA:  A TERRORIST COUNTRY? Thursday, April 30 was unlucky for the United States. On that day it occurred to them to include Cuba yet again on the list of terrorist countries. Committed as they are to their own crimes and lies, perhaps even Obama himself was unable to untangle himself from […]