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Allard: Spanish “Partido Popular” Financed Coup Against Bolivian President

June 9, 2010


Spanish Partido Popular financed coup against Bolivian president Jean-Guy Allard THE Fundación Iberoamérica Europa (FIE), a branch of the Spanish right-wing Partido Popular (currently led by Mariano Rajoy), which was formerly directed by Ana Botella, wife of former Prime Minister José Maria Aznar, paid out millions to support the failed coup against Bolivian President Evo […]

The Good Guy Who Likes to Go After the Bad Guys: Spanish Judge, Baltasar Garzon

May 21, 2010


Garzon is a maverick  judge and now he is paying for it.  In 1998, he issued an arrest warrant for Augusto Pinochet.  A few months after the June 28 coup in Honduras, he travelled there to investigate human rights abuses committed by the coup government.  He concluded that there was ample cause for concern. But when he begain to […]

Several UNASUR Countries Set to Boycott EU-Latin American Summit to Protest Invite of Honduras’ Lobo

May 5, 2010


Most South American Leaders Threaten To Boycott EU-Latin American Summit 5/5/2010 6:18 PM ET      (RTTNews) – Most South American nations have decided to boycott an EU-Latin American summit in Spain in protest against the invitation extended to newly-elected Honduran President Porfirio Lobo for attending the summit, South American leaders attending the UNASUR summit in […]

AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa: The Legacy of the Berlin Conference of 1884

April 18, 2010


  AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa The Legacy of the Berlin Conference of 1884 by Itai Muchena  Global Research, April 15, 2010 The Herald (Zimbabwe) – 2010-04-07 The hodgepodge of geometric boundaries that today divide Africa into 50 plus irregular nations under Eurocentric subjugation all started in Berlin, Germany on November 15, 1884. The […]

Venezuelan Opposition Politician Charged with Conspiracy

March 26, 2010


Venezuelan Opposition Politician Charged with Conspiracy By Kiraz Janicke – Caracas, March 25th 2010 ( – Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, an opposition-aligned former governor of Zulia, Venezuela, was arrested last Monday by orders of a Caracas court and charged with conspiracy, public instigation to commit a crime and disseminating false information. The charges are related […]

Spanish Judge’s Evidence Linking Chavez to ETA and FARC Comes from Raul Reyes’ “Magic Bomb Resistant” Computer

March 5, 2010


Before you continue to the article below about the Spanish judge’s accusations against President Chavez,  you might  want more background on a computer that “survived” a Colombian attack on a FARC camp inside Ecuador in March 2008.  The Colombians claimed the computer belonged to Raul Reyes, a FARC leader killed in the attack, and that the computer files […]

CNN in Haiti, Unable to Use “Cuban,” Figures “Spanish” is Close Enough

February 11, 2010


Dr. Sanjay Gupta must be a Cubaphobe as well.  A week or so ago, he lamented that Haiti graduates only 80 doctors each year and, with the earthquake, there would be fewer Haitian doctors overall and health care would suffer.  Now, Gupta, being a doc, knows full well that there is a medical school in […]

A Giant Step for Mankind-Made in Haiti: The Bwa Kay Iman Uprising Against Slavery

February 5, 2010


    This is an excellent survey of the history of the brave people of Haiti.  A photograph of a slave ship in 1860   A Giant Step for Mankind – Made in Haïti The Bwa Kay Iman uprising against slavery   By Jean Saint-Vil Global Research, August 11, 2009   There was a time, not so long ago, […]

HAITI – Journalist, Ortega, Murdered in Haiti by US Marines: A Reporter’s Notes

May 16, 2008

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Ortega murdered by US Marines in Haiti: A Reporter’s Notes by Kevin Pina The family of slain Spanish journalist Ricardo Ortega recently held a press conference in Madrid, Spain where they presented evidence that he was killed by U.S. Marines in Haiti and not by gunmen associated with ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The organization Reporters […]


November 15, 2007


A small, but enthusiastic group from the Venezuela Solidarity Network protested at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC on Wednesday nite concerning King Juan Carlos’ remark to President Chavez that he “shut up” during a meeting of the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile last weekend. The protesters stated that not only was the King’s remark […]