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VIDEO: Allo? L’Enfant Terrible? er . . . France, About Those 90M Gold Francs You Owe Haiti . . .

August 17, 2010


Below is background on the “independence debt,” followed by the Bastille Day video hoax in which an activist, portraying a French government spokesperson, announces France will pay up, and an open letter to French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, imploring him to do the right thing. The background provided below mentions other countries, such as the US, which owe Haiti money […]

Chomsky Post-Earthquake: Aid Should Go to Haitian Popular Orgs, Not Contractors or NGOs

March 5, 2010


  Chomsky Post-Earthquake: Aid Should go to Haitian Popular Organizations, not to Contractors or NGOs Keane Bhatt For decades, Noam Chomsky has been an analyst and activist working in support of the Haitian people. In addition to his revolutionary linguistics career at MIT, he has written, lectured and protested against injustice for 40 years. He […]

News, L’Agence Haitienne de Presse: Sarkozy’s aid package-protesters call for Aristide return-Parliament members insist reconstruction must be developed by Haitians

February 19, 2010


Please visit the official site of AHP/Radio Solidarité at AHP News Bulletin – Feb. 17, 2010 – Unofficial English Translation President Sarkozy’s aid package – Demonstrators supporting the return of Pres. Aristide to Haiti call for restitution – Human rights group affirms the validity of the call for restitution and fears Haiti’s voice will […]

Angry Demonstrators Demand Sarkozy to Pay Up and Return Aristide to Haiti

February 18, 2010


  For article, please click below: Angry demonstrators demand Sarkozy to pay up and return Aristide to Haiti The Haiti Information Project (HIP) is a non-profit alternative news service providing coverage and analysis of breaking developments in Haiti. Winner of the CENSORED 2008 REAL NEWS AWARD for Outstanding Investigative Journalism For further information about the […]

News L’Agence Haitienne de Presse – Sarkozy’s visit – Bill Clinton brings in the Haitian Diaspora – U.S. repatriates 166 from the high seas

February 18, 2010


  Please visit the official site of the AHP News and Radio Solidarité at   AHP News English Summary Translation – February 16, 2010 President Sarkozy’s visit – Bill Clinton asks the Haitian diaspora to join the effort – U.S. announces repatriation of 166 Haitians, warns against illegal immigration February 16, 2010  – (AHP)-  […]

HAITI: Canadian PM Harper Today, President Sarkozy Tomorrow and Those Damned Photo Ops with Haitian Kids

February 16, 2010


Harper lauds troops in Haiti, takes swipe at Liberals Prime Minister Stephen Harper greets two Haitian girls on Feb. 16, 2010 during a visit to a Canadian Army field hospital in Jacmel. AFP/Getty Images      ‘To do soft power, you need hard power,’ Prime Minister says of Canada’s relief efforts    Léogâne, Haiti — […]

CUBA: Fidel on Economic Illiteracy

October 30, 2008

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“It is not possible to re-found the capitalist system; it would be like trying to re-float the Titanic when it’s lying on the ocean floor.”  — President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela Reflections of Fidel Economic illiteracy IN Zulia, Chavez made reference to “comrade Sarkozy,” and did so with a certain irony but he meant no offense. […]

VENEZUELA: Reporters Without Frontiers against Hugo Chavez

January 15, 2008

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This is an excellent compilation of the many facets of the RSF campaign against President Chavez — with a French twist. This is one to file away for future use. Reporters Without Frontiers against Hugo Chávez January, 15 2008By Salim Lamrani Source: Tlaxcala Salim Lamrani’s ZSpace Page Join ZSpace Taking advantage of Venezuelan president […]