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HAITI 5 Months After Quake: Terrible Camp Conditions and Demands for Aristide’s Return

June 18, 2010


June 18 – 20, 2010 “We Are Motivated” Haiti Five Months After the Quake By ROBERT ROTH “We have all suffered. But we are motivated right now to help our people.  That makes us strong. That allows us to go on. ”– Teacher at a mobile school/ Aristide Foundation for Democracy It is now more […]

Haiti’s Next Catastrophe and How It Will Be Orchestrated

April 4, 2010


RELOCATION MAP FOR EARTHQUAKE HOMELESS IN PORT-AU-PRINCE FROM THE WASHINGTON POST   The map above features three areas:  settlements to be completely relocated (in purple),  settlements to be “decongested” (in yellow) and new settlement land to relocate homeless from other parts of the city (in green).  My guess is that all the effort will be placed in moving designated […]

Killing Them Not So Softly: Aid Officials Want Haitians to Wait Out Rainy Season in Their Earthquake Damaged Homes

February 26, 2010


In a departure from previous plans, relief officials are recommending that homeless Haitian earthquake survivors return to their damaged homes as the rainy season approaches, the Associated Press/New York Times reports. “Officials had initially planned to build big camps outside Port-au-Prince. They still anticipate creating some settlements, but they decided this week to instead emphasize […]

HAITI: 27 Days After Earthquake, The Numbers Reveal US Managed This All According to Plan

February 9, 2010


Regarding the number of UN troops in Haiti, in addition to the 9,000 on the ground reported below, the UN Security Council has approved the deployment of 3,500 more.  Perhaps the most frightening of the stats that follow is that there are 63,000 pregnant women in Haiti now and each month 7,000 babies are due. The US […]