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HAITI Donors’ Meeting 3/31: Things to Look For

March 28, 2010


The outcome of this meeting should be of little surprise given that the number crunching has already been done.  But the dynamics of the meeting should be fascinating.  President Preval will serve as chair and Ban ki-Moon and Hillary Clinton as co-hosts.  Both Preval and Ban are less than aggressive personalities and Hillary is quite the opposite.  […]

Clinton Urges NGOs to Give 10% of Their Funds to Help Pay Haitian Gov’t. Salaries

March 26, 2010


“Clinton urged civil society organizations to support the Haitian government financially, asking them “to think about whether all of us could take like 10 percent of the money we’re going to spend in Haiti and either allocate it to the government to pay salaries, or to provide specific technical support or training for new hires, […]

Haiti Diaspora Conf. in DC – State Dept. to Offer Diaspora Fellowships to Work in Haiti

March 24, 2010


“Cheryl Mills, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff and point person on Haiti, told the group Monday that the administration will ask Congress for emergency dollars for Haiti reconstruction that would include money for fellowships to allow members of the diaspora to work as government employees in Haiti.” This is not a new […]

Haiti Reconstruction Plan Highlights – Establishes a US Gov’t. Style Bureaucracy . . .

March 23, 2010


that will please donors at the March 31 meeting.  Yet, the US and UN are pulling the main levers of this monstrosity and the amount of control Haitian leaders will have remains a question.   Haiti reconstruction plan highlights Here are the highlights of the Haiti reconstruction plan expected to be presented at a March 31 international donor’s […]

Haitians Protest Bush, Clinton in Port-au-Prince: Demand Aristide’s Return

March 23, 2010


Haitians Protest Bush, Clinton in Port-au-Prince Click link above for video footage, starts at minute 7:49 and ends at minute 9:19  Below is the transcript: Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton visited Haiti on Monday in their roles as co-chairs of the US relief effort there. Dozens of Haitians took part in a protest […]

CARICOM Demands Clear Role on Haiti

March 15, 2010


Caricom demands clear role on Haiti Monday, March 15 2010 CARICOM leaders are insisting the regional grouping should play “a clear role” in the reconstruction of earthquake ravaged Haiti. Haiti, Caricom’s newest member state, was devastated by a massive 7.0 magnitude quake on January 12 which left over 200,000 people dead and its capital Port-au-Prince […]

Obama Tells Preval US Aid Will Continue, Preval Slips in Plug for Addressing Global Warming

March 10, 2010


 President Rene Preval of Haiti with President Obama    March 10, 2010 Obama Tells Haitian Leader That U.S. Aid Will Continue By JEFF ZELENY and BRIAN KNOWLTON WASHINGTON — Even as the United States military withdraws the forces it sent urgently to Haiti after its devastating earthquake in January, President Obama on Wednesday pledged a […]

Preval Urges Reconstruction Emphasis in Haitian Provinces, Plus a Priceless Pic

March 9, 2010


  Preval Urges Reconstruction Emphasis in Haitian Provinces David Gollust | State Department 09 March 2010 Haitian President Rene Preval is urging a post-earthquake emphasis on developing the country’s provinces, saying rebuilding the capital Port-au-Prince as it was before the January’s quake would be “a major historical mistake.” Mr. Preval met with U.S. Secretary of […]

HAITI: Let the Contracting Games Begin – “Rebuilding” Plan Due This Week

March 7, 2010


The “Mistrust of Government” part of this article, while reflecting real sentiments of Haitians, is being used to hurry Haitian sovereignty down the tubes.  A lot of money is to be made in the rebuilding of Haiti. He who rebuilds it, will own it.   11:07am EST Haiti Rebuilding Plans Expected This Week By Matthew Bigg PORT-AU-PRINCE Sun […]

If Obama can do it then why can’t Haiti’s Preval? by Kevin Pina

February 10, 2010


Below is an excerpt from Kevin Pina’s article with a link to the full article at the Haiti Action site.  Further below is the video of the Lavalas press conference in Port-au-Prince on February 7, which is featured along with the article and photographs at the Haiti Action site. If Obama can do it then why can’t […]