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The Coup Attempt in Ecuador — US Testing the Water?

October 1, 2010


Consider the following information regarding yesterday’s coup attempt in Ecuador.  First an RT interview with Eva Golinger.  Second, two articles, authored by Jean-Guy Allard — the first one confirms a story that broke in 2008 about US intelligence penetration of the Ecuadoran police and the second one describes the meddling by the US ambassador in […]

Weisbrot – “Life Imitates Art: That Complets My Argument” More on South of the Border

July 16, 2010


      Life Imitates Art: That Completes My Argument By Mark Weisbrot   This article was published by The Guardian Unlimited (UK) on July 16, 2010. If anyone wants to repreint this article please include a link to the original article. It’s nice when you make a documentary about how the major media outlets […]

ALBA Summit Moves Towards Latin American Integration (plus, nice pic of Chavez and Raul)

April 20, 2010


Chávez and Raúl during the Ninth Summit of ALBA. Photo: Raúl Abreu   JUVENTUD REBELDE Ninth ALBA Summit Moves towards Latin American Integration The Ninth Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA) that took place April 19 at the Teresa Carreno Theatre in Venezuela produced fruitful discussions targeting regional integration […]

FIDEL CASTRO on OAS Meeting: “Cuba will be uncompromising in its defense of its principles”

June 3, 2009

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“Cuba is no enemy to peace, nor is it reluctant to exchanges or cooperation between countries with different political systems, but it has been and will be uncompromising in its defense of its principles.” Reflections by Comrade Fidel THE TROJAN HORSE (photo:  Fidel rips up 1962 OAS declaration expelling Cuba) President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, […]