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Nat’l. Lawyers Guild Paper on Puerto Rico to be Presented at UN Decolonization Comm. Hearings on June 21

June 19, 2010


NLG Int’l Committee on Puerto Rico at UN Decolonization Committee Subject: Puerto Rico: NLG IC presentation at UN Decolonization Committee hearings Here’s the paper the NLG IC will be presenting at the UN Decolonization Committee hearings on the status of Puerto Rico on June 21. ———- National Lawyers Guild International Committee Presentation to the United […]

US Budgets $20 Million for Anti-Cuba Groups

April 25, 2010


WORKERS WORLD U.S. budgets $20 million for anti-Cuba groups By Brenda Ryan Published Apr 24, 2010 6:35 AM For 50 years the U.S. government has tried to develop a counter-revolutionary movement in Cuba. While it has been defeated at every turn, it is once again pouring money into this campaign. Using deceptive language, the U.S. […]

GOLINGER: Political Prisoners in Venezuela?

April 8, 2010


Political Prisoners in Venezuela? Apr 8th 2010  by Eva Golinger – Correo del Orinoco International When politicians and political actors commit crimes, can they hide behind cries of persecution? As international organizations backed by Washington condemn the Chavez administration for alleged political persecution, the facts shed light on the difference between activism and crime. Amnesty […]

Reading from the Script, Obama Condemns Cuba’s “Clenched Fist” Repression

March 25, 2010


When it comes to foreign affairs, Obama is reading straight from State and Defense Department scripts and all he adds is the bravado.  Obama intends to make his mark on domestic issues.  If asked an in-depth question about Cuba, he couldn’t answer it.  Yet, as the President of the US, when he speaks, it’s as if a lion has […]

Cuba: In Letter to Mandela, Dissidents Claim Political Prisoners Suffer Same Fate as He Did — Not

February 6, 2010


Fidel visits Nelson Mandela in South Africa And, Karen Lee Wald, coordinator of the Cuba-Inside-Out news list, tells you why Mandela will not be impressed: Nelson Mandela won’t be fooled by this letter — that was clear when Miami Cubans boycotted his first visit to Miami, and insisted he give up his friendly relations with […]