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NED Report: International Agencies Fund Venezuelan Opposition to the Tune of $40-50M Annually

June 21, 2010


NED Report By Eva Golinger, June 21st 2010 A revealing report published in May 2010 by the FRIDE Institute, a Spanish think tank, prepared with funding from the World Movement for Democracy (a project of the National Endowment for Democracy, or NED), has disclosed that international agencies are funding the Venezuelan opposition with a whopping […]

“We Are In an Economic War,” Says Venezuelan President

June 7, 2010


“We Are In an Economic War,” Says Venezuelan President By Eva Golinger, June 2nd 2010 “Make the economy scream,” wrote Henry Kissinger in a note to CIA forces involved in efforts to oust President Salvador Allende in Chile in the early 1970s. Later, economic sabotage overtook the South American nation, as workers went on strikes […]

GOLINGER: 8 Years After Venezuelan Coup, “Coup and Countercoup, Revolution!”

April 14, 2010


President Chavez returns to the palace after 2002 coup   Coup and Countercoup, Revolution! By Eva Golinger – Correo del Orinoco International, April 13th 2010    In just 47 hours, a coup d’etat ousted President Chavez and a countercoup returned him to power, in an extraordinary showing of the will and determination of a dignified […]

GOLINGER: Permanent Aggression, War on the Horizon in Latin America

March 13, 2010


Permanent Aggression, War on the horizon in Latin America March 12th 2010, by Eva Golinger – Correo del Orinoco International Latin America has suffered constant aggressions executed by Washington during the past two hundred years. Strategies and tactics of covert and overt warfare have been applied against different nations in the region, ranging from coup […]

“Day of National Dignity”: Over 100,000 March in Support of Chavez, 18 Years After He Led Uprising

February 7, 2010


More than 100,000 March in Support of Chavez in Venezuela  Published on February 6th 2010, by Kiraz Janicke – Caracas, February 5, 2010 ( – Dwarfing recent opposition protests, more than 100,000 supporters of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez marched in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, yesterday in defence of the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ and to celebrate […]

VENEZUELA: James Petras on the Liberal Opposition

January 9, 2008

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James Petras has written a gem of an article about Venezuela and the liberal opposition and its use of language to obscure their real goals. This article is very applicable to Haiti , Bolivia, and I am sure other places where the National Endowment for Democracy is instrumental in destabilizing democratically-elected governments. Venezuela: A Dictionary […]