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US Will Pay for Haitian Vote Fraud

December 15, 2010


Brian Concannon Jr. and Jeena Shah US will pay for Haitian vote fraud THE DECISION last Thursday to recount the votes in Haiti’s disputed elections is like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. As this week’s continued protests demonstrate, it will not avoid the catastrophe. Resolving Haiti’s election woes requires the financial backers of the […]

CEPR Criticizes US Funding of Flawed “Elections” in Haiti

October 14, 2010


CEPR Co-Director Criticizes U.S. Funding of Flawed “Elections” in Haiti U.S. Providing Millions in Electoral Assistance for “Election” that Excludes Major Political Parties from Ballot For Immediate Release: October 14, 2010 Contact: Dan Beeton, 202-239-1460 Washington, D.C. – The Obama administration should explain why it is contributing millions of dollars for Haiti’s November 28 presidential […]

Haiti’s Nov. 28 Election to Shut Out Lavalas Party? Not If Rep. Maxine Waters Has Her Way

October 1, 2010


Haiti: US Congress members warn Clinton to include Lavalas in elections by Randall White Haiti – Port au Prince, Haiti — “President John Kennedy famously remarked, ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.’ Running transparently unfair, exclusive elections, with the support of the international community, will leave many Haitians to […]

Wyclef Jean May Consider Run for Presidency — Is This the Haitian Elite’s Answer to Its Lavalas Problem?

July 25, 2010


Young, famous, a man of means, nephew of Haitian ambassador to US.  These things can’t hurt if you are going to run for president, but is the Haitian elite putting Jean in the race to syphon votes from Lavalas party supporters?  The Lavalas party was barred from the last three elections and Preval has stated that the party will be banned […]

Thousands in Haiti March on Aristide’s Birthday

July 18, 2010


Please go to the Haiti Action website for article and numerous photos of the march.

VIDEO: Al Jazeera Takes on UN, Advocates for Rape Victims and, Unlike Other Media, Lets the Haitians Do the Talking

July 16, 2010


Al Jazeera English is one of the few international broadcasters to have stayed in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake, broadcasting regularly on the day-to-day efforts to rebuild the country.  AJE’s Sebastian Walker was among the first international reporters to arrive in Haiti after the quake hit, and the channel has had a presence on […]

Pina Interviews Journalist and Aristide’s Spokesperson: Demonstrations Expected on Aristide’s 57th Birthday

July 15, 2010


Kevin Pina, independent journalist and documentary filmmaker interviews Ansel Herz, an independent journalist on-the-ground in Haiti and Dr. Maryse Narcisse, spokesperson for former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and a leader in the Lavalas party.  Herz speaks extensively about camp conditions, the overall management (of lack thereof) of the camps, mega-NGOs, such as World Vision, that refuse to […]

Preval Rejects US Ideas for Election Including Return of Aristide’s Party, Lavalas, Banned in 2009

July 3, 2010


Regardless of  “the who-hit-Johnny” of last year’s banning of the Lavalas party from the ballot, it is the largest party in the country and Haiti will have to include it in its electoral politics sooner or later.  President Preval and the Provisional Electoral Council can concoct any scheme they wish to ban Lavalas again this year, but the result […]

HAITI: Meet MINUSTAH Head, Edmond Mulet – Then, Keep An Eye on Him

March 13, 2010


   Edmond Mulet, is a former Guatemalan politician and diplomat.  He first came to Haiti in June 2006 to serve as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN “peacekeeping” mission, MINUSTAH.  In August 2007, Mulet was named Assistant Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations and was posted in New York.  Upon the death of Hedi […]

HAITI: Hillary Wants Elections Soon, But There is One Little Problem . . .

March 9, 2010


and it has to do with the fact that in the two previous elections (February and June 2009), the Haitian electoral commission, disallowed candidates from the largest party in Haiti, Lavalas, from appearing on the ballot.  Lavalas is the party started by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and is supported by the overwhelming majority of Haiti’s poor.  Keeping Lavalas […]