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Pentagon Using Haiti as a Training Ground for Afghanistan

March 29, 2010


The US military lockdown of the Port-au-Prince airport, which excluded plane loads of life-saving supplies and medical professionals, was done to give preference to US soldiers, pretending to be on a humanitarian mission, but who were actually coming to Haiti to train for Afghanistan.  This is consistent with the observation that the large contingent of US soldiers on […]

Humanitarian Imperialism – “Caring for Haiti” by Michael Barker

February 16, 2010


  “Caring for Haiti” by Michael Barker  (Swans – February 8, 2010)   Humanitarian imperialism is a phenomenon that needs to be understood and unmasked by all who care to safeguard life. Yet to date, many thoughtful and often selfless individuals have failed to address the depths to which imperial forces have penetrated human rights […]

HAITI: 20,000 US Troops Winning Hearts and Minds — Not

January 30, 2010


  Today, I watched the video of last Thursday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing where Dr. Paul Farmer, formerly of Partners in Health and currently deputy to Bill Clinton as UN envoy to Haiti, casts aside everything he has ever thought, said and written about Haiti in order not to rock the congressional boat that wants […]