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Protesters Clash with Police Following Rain in Haiti by Kevin Pina

February 11, 2010


Protesters clash with police following rain in Haiti (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR PICTURES) by Kevin Pina                 Port au Prince, Haiti – HIP — About one inch of rain fell on the capital of Port au Prince early this morning sparking angry protests that tied up traffic near […]

ALLARD’s 2005 Article on Architect of Haiti’s Destabilization: Bush’s Proconsul, Caleb McCarry

January 26, 2010


  Caleb McCarry doing what he does best:  dreaming up ways to screw the people of Haiti 10/28/05 Granma International (Havana) CALEB McCARRY: Bush’s man for Cuba author of the Haitian disaster   BY JEAN-GUY ALLARD-Special for Granma International   Havana, October 28, 2005   BY using ex-soldiers, henchmen and criminals to destabilize the government […]

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Catching On to the Viscious Haitian National Police

January 22, 2010


  Haitian National Police murder an unarmed, peaceful participant in a Haitian protest demanding the return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Last night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Karl Penhaul told of an incident they came upon earlier in the day which involved the shooting of two teenagers by the Haitian National Police (HNP).  It seems the kids ran into the street to retrieve […]