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HAITI: US State Dept. Issues “Book-Length” Travel Warning “Given the Possibility and Unpredictability of Violent Protests?” More Like Cover for Severe Repression of Haitians

August 9, 2011


Martelly has big problems.  As mentioned here repeatedly, Martelly came to office without a mandate because his only constituency is the US which hand-picked him to run the country.  Further, the Haitian Parliament continues to reject his PM nominees.  The huge number of Haitians still living in temporary housing some 18 months after the earthquake, […]

In Haiti, Inaction Speaks Louder than Words: Hurricane Emily’s Near-Miss Too Close for IDP Camps

August 8, 2011


In Haiti, Inaction Speaks Louder Than Words: Hurricane Emily’s Near-Miss Too Close for Island’s Displaced Persons Camps (CounterPunch) 8 August 2011 Comments: 0 By. Mark Schuller and Mark Sny­der, CounterPunch August 7, 2011– There is a Hait­ian proverb, se bouch ki manje tout manje, men se pa bouch ki pale tout pawòl, the mouth eats […]

Torture Firm Tied to Destructive Evictions in Haiti

May 30, 2011


Torture Firm Risks Incorporated Tied To Destructive Evictions in Haiti US Security Firm Caught Training Mexican Police in Torture Techniques Is Working in the Caribbean By Ansel Herz Special to the Narco News Bulletin May 29, 2011 Security forces who are tearing down makeshift tent camps inhabited by Haitians displaced in last year’s earthquake were trained by […]

Well, well, well . . . A few months after Al Jazeera Disses UN for Ignoring Rapes in Haiti, UN Chief Introduces a Thoroughly Non-Specific Plan to Address the Problem

September 13, 2010


Here is the video where an Al Jazeera reporter takes on the the UN a few months back regarding the widening problem of rape in the camps.  Also in the video, the reporter challenges UN head, Edmond Mulet, regarding his delusional assessment of how well the UN is liked by the people of Haiti.  Is […]

As Haiti’s World Turns: Wyclef’s Uncle, Ambassador to US, to Announce Candidacy for President

July 28, 2010


Raymond Joseph, the Haitian Ambassador to the US, is an engaging and slick operator.  He was sent to the US in 2004 to represent a murderous, illegal, unconstitutional government that the US, France, and Canada installed in Haiti after the coup against Aristide.  Its leaders were Boniface Alexandre and Gerard Latortue who quickly set in […]

Haiti’s World – According to the UN (Moon, Mulet, MINUSTAH) 2 articles

April 28, 2010


“Falling behind in this regard would “seriously undermine the stability we have been working towards in Haiti for many years,” he stated.”  –Edmond Mulet Say What???   Secretary-General requests rapid boosting of Haitian mission’s technical capacity 27 April 2010 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the Security Council to endorse a rapid strengthening of the […]

HAITI: Towards 300,000 Dead, Postponement of Forced Evictions, and a Ballooning UN Mission

April 23, 2010


Haiti earthquake toll up to 300,000, says UN report HAITI’S devastating January 12 earthquake killed between 250,000 and 300,000 people, the head of the United Nations mission in the country says. Until now, the Haitian government death toll was more than 220,000. April 21 “marked the 100th day since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, […]

L’Agence Haitienne de Presse – 4/21 Overview

April 21, 2010


Translation by Mike Levy (Unofficial) Overview of just some of the News from AHP/ Radio Solidarité April 21, 2010    Please visit the official site at  for all the news in French and Kreyol  Reactions continue from diverse sectors after the Senate votes to adopt the 18 month extension of the State of Emergency. […]

HAITI: As Private Landowners Expel Quake Victims, Will the Haitian National Police be the “Enforcer?”

April 8, 2010


HAITI: Displaced Fear Expulsion from Makeshift Camps Ansel Herz* PORT-AU-PRINCE, Apr 8 (IPS) – For decades, the Saint Louis de Gonzague school has groomed some of Haiti’s most elite political players. Francois Duvalier, the iron-fisted dictator who ruled Haiti for 14 years, sent his son to the school. About 1,500 children of Haiti’s wealthiest class […]

VIDEO: Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman Puts a Blinding Happy Face on UN “Peacekeepers” Occupying Haiti

February 25, 2010


Given the arrival of President Lula in Haiti, it’s obvious that Lucia Newman’s assignment was to do a story on how much Haitians love and admire the UN “peacekeepers,” especially the Brazilians since they head the peacekeeping mission, MINUSTAH.  In 2004, when MINUSTAH was deployed to Haiti, it had one important job — make the February 2004 coup against President […]