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VIDEO: WikiLeaks Haiti Exposes How the US Blocked Aristide’s Return After 2004 Coup – Dem Now, Plus Article

August 12, 2011


The following Democracy Now video and Nation magazine article reveal how a shameless US and its equally shameless diplomatic counterparts from France, Canada, the UN and the Vatican collaborated to keep former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide from returning to Haiti after the 2004 coup.  Edmond Mulet, a Guatemalan diplomat who served as head of the UN […]

O, Canada! Re-Arranging the Haitian Political Chessboard for a Martelly Win

April 26, 2011


Imperialist Agenda in Haiti Exposed by Yves Engler / Dissident Voice, April 19th, 2011 After a deadly earthquake rocked Haiti 15 months ago, most Canadians worried about uncovering those trapped, getting survivors water, and connecting family members. It seems they were concerned about something very different in the halls of power. According to internal documents […]


March 24, 2011


Aristide Returns (The Nation) 20 March 2011 Comments: 0 By Dan Cough­lin, the Nation For­mer Pres­i­dent Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s tri­umphant return to Haiti after seven years of forced exile in South Africa sig­nals a new stage in the Caribbean country’s pop­u­lar and demo­c­ra­tic strug­gle just as a resur­gent right wing pre­pares to lay elec­toral claim—for the […]

Haiti Liberte – Kim Ives: A Class Analysis of Baby Doc: Mothballed Playboy Dictator Recalled to Service

January 20, 2011


  Excellent background and analysis from Kim Ives.  I encourage you to share this article widely.  A Class Analysis of Baby Doc: Mothballed Playboy Dictator Recalled to Service       By Kim Ives  The big question Haitians are asking is: who is behind Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier’s surprise arrival in Haiti with an expired Haitian […]

2004 Coup Plotters, US and France, Putting the Screws to Haiti Regarding Election

January 18, 2011


U.S., France, Increase Pressure On Haiti to Accept Their Choices for Presidential Candidates By Mark Weisbrot This column was published by The Guardian Unlimited (UK) on January 18, 2011. If anyone wants to reprint it, please include a link to the original. As the infamous dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier returns to Haiti after 25 […]

VIDEO: Allo? L’Enfant Terrible? er . . . France, About Those 90M Gold Francs You Owe Haiti . . .

August 17, 2010


Below is background on the “independence debt,” followed by the Bastille Day video hoax in which an activist, portraying a French government spokesperson, announces France will pay up, and an open letter to French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, imploring him to do the right thing. The background provided below mentions other countries, such as the US, which owe Haiti money […]

Global Bonapartism: The G20 and the Planet

June 25, 2010


        Global Bonapartism: The G20 and the Planet by Prof. Vijay Prashad   Global Research, June 24, 2010 Counterpunch – 2010-06-21 We are left with the politicians who think poorly of us, and who stand back with chaos in their pale old eyes whimpering, “That is not what we wanted. No, it was not to […]

A Very Canadian Coup in Haiti: 10 Ways Canada Aided 2004 Coup and its Reign of Terror

June 14, 2010


     Pic above:  After the coup, the US-French-Canadian cabal “selected” Haiti’s new leadership:  former head of the Haitian Supreme Court, Boniface Alexandre (center) became President and Gerard Latortue (right), a former UN functionary who had retired to Boca Raton, FL and had his own TV talk show, became Prime Minister.   These two were just what the cabal doctors […]

UN Official Frustrated with Haiti Progress. Does He Not Understand it is Going According to Plan?

June 6, 2010


The original coup plotters — the US, France, and Canada — and the occupier, the United Nations, have been trying to deal with a dilemma for the last six years. In 2004, the coup cabal kidnapped the much-loved, democratically-elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and appointed a murderous de facto government to replace him — two  actions […]

Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder

May 1, 2010


May 1, 2010 at 05:07:45 Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder By Stephen Lendman (about the author)      For OpEdNews: Stephen Lendman – Writer Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder – by Stephen Lendman Over 15 weeks post-quake, Haiti’s imperial takeover is proceeding. It began straightaway after the calamity, Haitians victimized by denied aid, appalling repression, […]