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FIDEL: “The Source of Wars”

July 12, 2010


Cuban News Agency The Source of Wars Reflections by Fidel Castro I On July 4, I said that neither the United States nor Iran would give in: “one, prevented by the pride of the powerful, and the other because it has the capacity and the will to fight oppression, as we have seen so many […]

FIDEL Again on the Nuclear War Nobody is Talking About

June 28, 2010


Please go to MACHETERA to read Fidel’s latest reflection in which he addresses, once again, the nuclear war nobody is talking about.

FIDEL: I Would So Much Like to Be Wrong

June 25, 2010


Reflections by comrade Fidel I WOULD SO MUCH LIKE TO BE WRONG When these lines are published in the Granma newspaper tomorrow, Friday, the date of July 26, when we proudly remember the honor of having resisted the imperialists’ attacks, will be felt distant, despite the fact that it is only 32 days away. Those […]

FIDEL: “A Swipe Waiting to Happen”

June 11, 2010


acnnews 2 Reflections by Fidel Castro A Swipe Waiting to Happen On Tuesday, June 8, I wrote at noon time the Reflection “On the Brink of Tragedy.” Later, I watched Randy Alonso’s TV program Roundtable, usually aired at 6:30 pm. That day, outstanding and prestigious Cuban intellectuals taking part in the program answered the pointed […]

FIDEL: “The Empire and The War”

June 3, 2010


Reflections by comrade Fidel  THE EMPIRE AND THE WAR Two days ago, I said in a few words that imperialism was unable to solve the extremely serious problem of drug abuse, which has become a scourge for the people all over the world. Today, I wish to deal with another issue that I consider of […]

FIDEL: The Historical Significance of Jose Marti’s Death

May 19, 2010


acnnews 8 The Historical Significance of Jose Marti´s Death Reflections by comrade Fidel Leaving aside the problems afflicting human beings today, our Homeland had the privilege of being the cradle of one of the most extraordinary thinkers born in this hemisphere: Jose Marti. Tomorrow, May 19th, will be 115th anniversary of his glorious death. It […]

Fidel: “The Hateful Tyranny Imposed on the World”

May 9, 2010


  The Hateful Tyranny Imposed on the World Our times are characterized by an unprecedented event: the threat to the survival of the human species imposed on the world by imperialism. The painful reality should not come as a surprise to anyone. It could be seen rapidly advancing in the past few decades, at such […]

Fidel Castro Address – May 1, 1960

May 1, 2010


FIDEL CASTRO ADDRESS ON 1 MAY 1960 Source: Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Havana, pp 5-54 Distinguished visitors from Latin America and all the world who are here with us today; workers, peasants, students, militiamen of the fatherland, professional workers, juvenile patrol members, Cubans all: On other occasions we have met […]

FIDEL: “The Insanities of Our Times”

April 26, 2010


 The Insanities of Our Times  The Commander in Chief writes “We are witnessing the depletion in barely two centuries of the hydrocarbons that it took nature 400 million years to create. Likewise, crucial no-renewable mineral resources required by the world economy are being depleted. At the same time, science has created the capacity to destroy […]

FIDEL: “The Brotherhood Between the Bolivarian Republic and Cuba”

April 19, 2010


  The Brotherhood Between The Bolivarian Republic And Cuba Reflections by Comrade Fidel I had the privilege of having a conversation for three hours last Thursday the 15th with Hugo Chávez, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: he had the courtesy to visit our country once again, this time en route from Nicaragua. […]