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A Tale of Two Extraditions: “Dudus” Coke and Luis Posada Carriles

July 2, 2010


In the following article, Saul Landau, provides excellent background on Coke, alleged drug kingpin from Jamaica, and Luis Posada Carriles, the perpetual Cuban exile terrorist, making the point quite clearly that, when it comes to extradition, these guys were treated very differently.  The reason the US will never extradite Posada Carriles or try him in a US court […]

Accused Drug Lord, “Dudus” Coke to be Arraigned in New York Today

June 25, 2010


The BBC reported last night that Coke willingly allowed his extradition to the US because he feared for his life in Jamaica because of  associates concerned he might reveal their culpability in the drug operation.  This included members of Jamaica’s government as well.   ACCUSED JAMAICAN DRUG LORD IN NEW YORK AND WILL BE ARRAIGNED TODAY        […]

The 411 on Jamaica: Is US Setting Up “Drug War” Jump Out Squad Directed at Latin America?

May 30, 2010


As of today, 73 people are dead and close to 1,000 people were detained for questioning.  Christopher Cokes continues to evade authorities.  Christopher Coke Against the US, or the Global Elite and Narcotics By Andrei KONUROV 28 May, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation The police operation in the Kingston slums which would be more adequately […]

US Extradites Manuel Noriega to France – Watch Film About US Invasion of Panama

April 27, 2010


FILM:  “PANAMA DECEPTION”   U.S. Extradites Noriega to France The U.S. has extradited the former Panamanian president and CIA asset Manuel Noriega to France to face trial on money laundering charges. Noriega has been jailed in Miami since 1990 after his overthrow in the U.S. invasion of Panama that killed up to 3,000 people. Noriega’s drug […]