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Protests Over Evictions in Haiti Blocks Traffic

August 2, 2011


The Associated Press: Protest over evictions in Haiti blocks traffic By TRENTON DANIEL, Associated Press – 17 hours ago PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Protesters pitched tents and laid down in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the Haitian capital Monday to protest efforts to remove them from a private lot where they […]

Listen to Eye Witness Accounts of the Silvio Cator Stadium Eviction – Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

July 28, 2011


Listen to Jocy Brooks and Greger Calhan speak on the Silvio Cator Stadium eviction 28 July 2011 Comments: 0 With the help of the Cen­ter for Con­sti­tu­tional Rights (CCR)‘s Ella Baker Fel­lows pro­gram, BAI legal interns Jocy Brooks and Greger Cal­han, sup­ported our team at the BAI’s Port-au-Prince office this summer. In this pod­cast, Jocy […]

Press Release: Human Rights Groups Denounce Haitian Govt.’s Unlawful Evictions of Homeless Earthquake Survivors

July 22, 2011


Press Release: Football over Families: Human Rights Groups Denounce Haitian Government’s Unlawful Eviction of Homeless Earthquake Survivors from Stadium (IJDH-BAI) 21 July 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Con­tacts: Mario Joseph, Av., Bureau des Avo­cats Inter­na­tionaux,, 509‑3701-9879 (French) Jeena Shah, Esq., Insti­tute for Jus­tice and Democ­racy in Haiti,, 509‑3610-2781 (English) Beat­rice Lind­strom, Esq., Insti­tute for […]

Rights Groups File Request with IACHR on Evictions of Displaced Haitians

June 17, 2011


Press Release: Haiti Government Continues Evicting Earthquake Survivors from Displaced Persons’ Camps despite Human Rights Commission Orders (IJDH-BAI, Center for Constitutional Rights, TransAfrica Forum, Riptide Communications) 16 June 2011 Comments: 0 For Imme­di­ate Release: CONTACT: Mario Joseph, Bureau des Avo­cats Inter­na­tionaux,, +011 (509) 3701 9879 (Haiti) Nicole Phillips, Insti­tute for Jus­tice & Democ­racy in […]

HAITI: Towards 300,000 Dead, Postponement of Forced Evictions, and a Ballooning UN Mission

April 23, 2010


Haiti earthquake toll up to 300,000, says UN report HAITI’S devastating January 12 earthquake killed between 250,000 and 300,000 people, the head of the United Nations mission in the country says. Until now, the Haitian government death toll was more than 220,000. April 21 “marked the 100th day since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, […]

VIDEO: Haiti to Evict “Squatters” – Private Landowners Want Homeless Gone

April 22, 2010


Haitian Police Begin Evictions, Stadium Director Wants Homeless Out and Footballers Back, and New Camp Doesn’t Have Enough Latrines

April 11, 2010


Welcome to hell in Haiti. Haiti camp evictions begin ahead of rainy season (AFP) – 14 hours ago PORT-AU-PRINCE — Police have moved to evict thousands of homeless quake victims from squalid encampments in Haiti’s capital, even from the pitch of the country’s national stadium. Beginning late Friday, contingents of the Haitian National Police began […]