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Recount and Review of Haiti’s Election Tally Shows Massive Irregularities Says Ctr. for Economic and Policy Research

December 31, 2010


Recount and Review of Haiti’s Election Tally Shows Massive Irregularities Election Outcome In Doubt For Immediate Release: December 30, 2010 Contact: Dan Beeton, 202-256-6116 Washington, D.C.– An independent recount and review of 11,171 tally sheets from Haiti’s November 28 election shows that the outcome of the election is indeterminate. The review, conducted by the Center […]

US Will Pay for Haitian Vote Fraud

December 15, 2010


Brian Concannon Jr. and Jeena Shah US will pay for Haitian vote fraud THE DECISION last Thursday to recount the votes in Haiti’s disputed elections is like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. As this week’s continued protests demonstrate, it will not avoid the catastrophe. Resolving Haiti’s election woes requires the financial backers of the […]

VIDEO: Viceroy of Haiti, UN’s Edmond Mulet, Interferes with Candidates and Threatens Departure of MINUSTAH if Election Invalidated!

December 3, 2010


So what’s up with this creepy, Vincent Price-like diplomat from Guatemala, Edmond Mulet, who is interfering so confidently in the Haitian election?  An Al Jazeera report by Sebastian Walker which aired last night, reveals that Mulet contacted two candidates, Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly, on the same day earlier this week and told each one that they were […]

Haiti’s Sham Elections Shames US by Mark Weisbrot

December 1, 2010


Comment is free Cif America Haiti’s sham election shames US Washington cannot confer legitimacy on this flawed election that does nothing for Haitians living under tarps, menaced by cholera Mark Weisbrot, Wednesday 1 December 2010 23.27 GMT Article history UN soldiers from Sri Lanka at the Haitian election tabulation centre in Port-au-Prince. The elections […]

Kevin Pina’s Haiti Election Update: Wyclef Out and Whining, Lavalas Out But Aristide’s Former PM, Neptune, is In Running on Another Party Ticket

August 23, 2010


Pic above is of Kevin Pina in the slammer in Port-au-Prince in October 2004 after his arrest while investigating the bogus arrest of Father Gerard Jean-Juste. Folks, Kevin Pina did a short program tonight on Radio KPFA – Flashpoints regarding the November election.  His guests were Ansel Herz, independent journalist, on the ground in Haiti and Jacob […]

Preval Rejects US Ideas for Election Including Return of Aristide’s Party, Lavalas, Banned in 2009

July 3, 2010


Regardless of  “the who-hit-Johnny” of last year’s banning of the Lavalas party from the ballot, it is the largest party in the country and Haiti will have to include it in its electoral politics sooner or later.  President Preval and the Provisional Electoral Council can concoct any scheme they wish to ban Lavalas again this year, but the result […]

COLOMBIA: Prez Uribe and Prez-Elect Santos Meet at Prez Palace — Scary

June 21, 2010


Uribe Meets with Santos at Presidential Palace Colombia’s President-elect Juan Manuel Santos met with outgoing President Alvaro Uribe at 11AM in the Casa de Nariño to discuss economics, the budget and finance, in the first step in handing over power to the new leader. Treasury Minister Oscar Ivan Zuluaga will also be present at the […]

Pres. Preval to Extend Term if Haiti Election Not Held by November 2010

May 6, 2010


This announcement reflects the US/UN nervousness about the strong possiblity that elections will not be held in 2010.  The last thing the US/UN wants is for Haitians to be making the decisions about what happens next.  Let’s see how Preval’s announcement fairs over at the Haitian parliament.  Stay tuned. Prez Preval with Prez Obama Haiti prez to extend […]

“Two-Faced Democracy in Haiti” by Kevin Pina

November 28, 2009

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Hot off the press, Kevin Pina’s latest article on Haiti.   Here’s a short excerpt which is followed by a link to the full article.  Two-Faced Democracy in Haiti “The Haiti Information Project recently published a short article reporting that the Provisional Election Council (CEP) had allowed the Fanmi Lavalas party to register to run in elections […]

HONDURAS: Arias and Insulza Send in “The Cleaner”

October 4, 2009

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NOTE:  This article originally appeared on the HONDURAS OYE! blog, but the editor function on the blog is not working (perhaps, gov’t. gremlins are?) preventing me from doing hotlinks and other really important editing tasks.  Here, the article with hotlinks. In the 1990 film, “La Femme Nikita,” a young heroin addict kills a cop, is […]