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Baby Doc’s Lawyer Says He is A “Political Man” and Has “Right to Run” for Haitian Presidency

January 19, 2011


In a bizarre interview with Al Jazeera’s Sebastian Walker, one of Jean-Claude Duvalier’s lawyers says Baby Doc is a political man and has the right to run for President.  The lawyer also said that if Haiti wanted to bring charges against Baby Doc, it should have done so within ten years of his departure.  The […]

As Haiti’s World Turns: Wyclef’s Uncle, Ambassador to US, to Announce Candidacy for President

July 28, 2010


Raymond Joseph, the Haitian Ambassador to the US, is an engaging and slick operator.  He was sent to the US in 2004 to represent a murderous, illegal, unconstitutional government that the US, France, and Canada installed in Haiti after the coup against Aristide.  Its leaders were Boniface Alexandre and Gerard Latortue who quickly set in […]

Years of Prison, But no Justice for Haiti’s Women Inmates (nor anyone else)

July 6, 2010


There is a scene in the film “We Must Kill the Bandits,” by journalist and documentary filmmaker, Kevin Pina, in which the UN “peacekeepers” are cramming young men from poor Haitian neighborhoods into steel personnel carriers in order to take them to the jail in Port-au-Prince.  Actually, many were teen-agers and some even younger.  The […]

HONDURAS: Return of the Death Squads As Oligarchs Target Members of the National Resistance

April 29, 2010


  April 27, 2010 Return of the Death Squads By Jeremy Kryt Since March 1, 13 members of the resistance movement have been gunned down. Paramilitary forces reminiscent of 1980s-style death squads are thought to be responsible.   TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS—Late in the afternoon on February 3, Vanessa Zepeda, a 28-year-old registered nurse, left a union […]