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GOLINGER: Permanent Aggression, War on the Horizon in Latin America

March 13, 2010


Permanent Aggression, War on the horizon in Latin America March 12th 2010, by Eva Golinger – Correo del Orinoco International Latin America has suffered constant aggressions executed by Washington during the past two hundred years. Strategies and tactics of covert and overt warfare have been applied against different nations in the region, ranging from coup […]

Benighted Journalists Assail Haiti by Joe Emersberger

February 13, 2010


A United Nations “Peacekeeping” Force is only the latest of US-conceived occupations of Haiti   Benighted Journalists Assail Haiti By Joe Emersberger Friday, February 12, 2010The Economics of Mass Murder German playwright Bertolt Brecht wrote that “In democratic countries the violent character inherent in the economy doesn’t show itself; in authoritarian countries the same holds for the economic […]

VENEZUELA: Examining the 2002 coup to prevent the next one

November 30, 2007

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“They attempted to execute Chavez but the firing squad refused to shoot.” — Fidel Castro Ruz Anyone who knows a lick about Venezuela knows that the private media played a treasonous role in the US-sponsored coup of 2002. In addition to altering camera angles to make it look like government supporters were firing on unarmed […]