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Venezuela to Leave Andean Trade Pact Due to Peru and Colombia Approval of Free Trade Agreements

April 22, 2011


Venezuela leaving Andean Community trade pact, new deals being negotiated with some nations By Associated Press, Thursday, April 21, 6:30 PM CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela will leave the Andean Community of Nations trade pact Friday after 38 years as a member, and it has yet to reach new long-term trade agreements with two of the bloc’s other […]

OAS: No Action on Colombia Allegations Regarding FARC in Venezuela

August 27, 2010


OAS: No action on Venezuela FARC allegations Wednesday, 25 August 2010 14:28 Kirsten Begg Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza said Wednesday the international body has done everything it can to help patch up relations between Colombia and Venezuela. “The [Colombian] petition has been presented … there’s nothing else that can […]

Blackwater Provided “Unauthorized” Training in Colombia

August 25, 2010


In a State Department report, largely about Blackwater trafficking arms and violating export regulations in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is information about the company  providing “unauthorized” military training in Colombia without the Department’s permission.  By pointing the finger at Blackwater now, the State Department is building its case for plausible deniability — “we had no idea […]

WEISBROT: Does Washington Want Normal Diplomatic Relations with Venezuela?

August 18, 2010


  Does Washington Want Normal Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela? By Mark Weisbrot This column was published by The Guardian Unlimited on August 18, 2010. If anyone wants to reprint it, please include a link to the original. While President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and the new President of Colombia, Manuel Santos met in Santa Marta, […]

PANAMAX: US Military Exercises with 16 Countries in Latin America

August 16, 2010


Here’s an English translation of the original article in Spanish which also follows.  The article is from the website “La Radio Primerisima” in Nicaragua. The exercises will be in the vicinity of the Panama Canal, Colombia, and the US states of Virginia and Florida.  Looks like jumpout squad hopscotch targeting Venezuela.  And, those US soldiers that were […]

Chavez to Meet Santos in Colombia Tuesday, Chavez Rejects US’ Ambassador Nominee

August 9, 2010


UPDATED ON: Monday, August 09, 2010 06:43 Mecca time, 03:43 GMT  Chavez agrees to meet Santos Hugo Chavez asked Obama to “look for another candidate” as US envoy to Caracas [Reuters] Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has said he will meet with his Colombian counterpart on Tuesday to try to end a diplomatic rift between […]

Tonight: Fidel Interview by Venezuelan Journalists Airs on Telesur, VTV and Cubavision’s Round Table

August 9, 2010


CUBADEBATE Fidel interview granted to outstanding Venezuelan journalists (+ photos) August 8, 2010 18 Comments Photos: Roberto Chile Google translation. To view Photos: The Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz on Sunday gave an interview to Venezuelan journalists recognized Vanessa Davis, Andres Izarra, Walter Martinez and Mario Silva. The threats of war against Iran, […]

Hot Off the Press: Aug. 6 Edition of Correo del Orinoco

August 6, 2010


CORREO DEL ORINOCO – english edition

OCTOBER 11: Day of Action to Confront US Militarism in the Americas

July 28, 2010


please circulate widely Call: Day of Action to Confront US Militarism in the Americas October 11, 2010 Our organizations urge you to join us in a National Day of Action to Confront US Militarism in the Americas on Monday, October 11, 2010. October 11 is the day the United States “celebrates” the beginning of the […]

MACHETERA: Colombia’s Uribe Takes Dictation One Last Time

July 27, 2010


Colombia: Uribe’s Farewell Spectacle – español Atilio A. Boron Translation: Machetera and Manuel Talens Álvaro Uribe, the empire’s unconditional pawn, took his leave from the Colombian presidency with a new provocation: the denunciation of FARC camps which he claimed to be established on Venezuelan territory.  Being neither dimwitted nor lazy, the U.S. State Department came […]