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Haiti, 3/22: Clinton and Bush Return to the Scene of Their Crimes

March 18, 2010


The news today is that Bill Clinton and George Bush will pay a visit to Haiti this coming Monday. A quick review of their crimes and misdeeds in Haiti will give you an idea of what Haitians might be thinking about their upcoming visit. It was Daddy Bush’s CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Security […]

Preval Urges Reconstruction Emphasis in Haitian Provinces, Plus a Priceless Pic

March 9, 2010


  Preval Urges Reconstruction Emphasis in Haitian Provinces David Gollust | State Department 09 March 2010 Haitian President Rene Preval is urging a post-earthquake emphasis on developing the country’s provinces, saying rebuilding the capital Port-au-Prince as it was before the January’s quake would be “a major historical mistake.” Mr. Preval met with U.S. Secretary of […]

Chomsky Post-Earthquake: Aid Should Go to Haitian Popular Orgs, Not Contractors or NGOs

March 5, 2010


  Chomsky Post-Earthquake: Aid Should go to Haitian Popular Organizations, not to Contractors or NGOs Keane Bhatt For decades, Noam Chomsky has been an analyst and activist working in support of the Haitian people. In addition to his revolutionary linguistics career at MIT, he has written, lectured and protested against injustice for 40 years. He […]

“Rebuilding Haiti” – the Sweatshop Hoax

March 5, 2010


“Rebuilding Haiti” – the Sweatshop Hoax  The UN-supported plan to expand Haiti’s garment industry is unpopular among many grassroots organisations in the country. Rather than creating low wage jobs and export-driven development, sustainable reconstruction must be rooted in Haitian reality, writes David L. Wilson. 6th March 2010 – Published by MRZine Within days of a […]

SF Labor Council Resolution: Deliver Earthquake Aid to Haiti and Respect the Sovereignty of the Haitian People!

March 4, 2010


San Francisco Labor Council Resolution – Adopted March 1, 2010 by the Executive Committee of the San Francisco Labor Council Deliver Earthquake Aid to Haiti and Respect the Sovereignty of the Haitian People! WHEREAS, President Obama has promised that “the people of Haiti will have the full support of the United States in the […]

UN Says US Military Not Cooperative in Haiti: Will the Excessive Number of Haitian Deaths Prove It?

March 2, 2010


The following Washington Post article reveals that the US government, particularly the military, provided little cooperation to the UN, aid agencies, etc. to assist Haiti’s earthquake victims.  This resulted in a delay of supplies, food and water and caused many deaths. In addition to NGO and UN claims about the US’ unwillingness to play nice, the US  seems eerily detached […]

If Obama can do it then why can’t Haiti’s Preval? by Kevin Pina

February 10, 2010


Below is an excerpt from Kevin Pina’s article with a link to the full article at the Haiti Action site.  Further below is the video of the Lavalas press conference in Port-au-Prince on February 7, which is featured along with the article and photographs at the Haiti Action site. If Obama can do it then why can’t […]

VIDEO: Author of article “The ‘shock doctrine’ for Haiti,” Ashley Smith, Gives Presentation

February 8, 2010


The Newest Ugly American: Haitian Protesters Confront Bill Clinton

February 7, 2010


Haitian protesters confront Bill Clinton Photograph by: Kena Betancur, Reuters, Agence France-Presse By Andrew Beatty, Agence France-PresseFebruary 6, 2010Comments (9)    Survivors of Haiti’s earthquake demand tents in front of the Haitian government’s temporary offices before Bill Clinton, now UN special envoy for Haiti, visits in Port-au-Prince on Friday. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was […]

Haiti’s New Proconsul, Bill Clinton: Ban ki-Moon Asks Clinton to Coordinate Everything from Soup to Nuts

February 3, 2010


Bill Clinton to coordinate Haiti aid efforts   By Patrick Worsnip Reuters Wednesday, February 3, 2010; 2:49 PM UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United Nations on Wednesday assigned former U.S. President Bill Clinton, now U.N. special envoy to Haiti, to coordinate international relief efforts in the earthquake-devastated country. Clinton will seek to organize a mass […]