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“The Super Bowl of Disasters:” Profiting from Crisis in Post-Earthquake Haiti

February 19, 2012


You might want to keep this article at your fingertips so that when a colleague or friend asks why Haiti is still in a mess, you can provide all the details.  Authors Deepa Pachang, Beverly Bell, and Tory Field are to be congratulated on this article. The “Super Bowl of Disasters:”  Profiting from Crisis in […]

Haiti Headlines: Parliament Rejects Prez’ Choice for PM, Martelly Celebrates Haiti Health Week by Going to US for a Check-up, and UN Says Don’t Forcibly Repatriate Haitians

June 21, 2011


Haitian president’s pick for prime minister rejected Martelly’s first, big political defeat.  Given that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are Martelly’s new, best friends, I imagine they will try to find a way to dissolve Parliament. Martelly Launches Health Week in Haiti, Travels to U.S. for Routine Check-up Martelly could have stayed in Haiti and […]

HAITI NEWS – Articles: Parliament Approves Dual Nationality, “Baby Doc” to Stay in Haiti, More on Martelly’s Army, and Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund to Invest in a Hotel??

May 9, 2011


Haiti parliament votes to allow dual nationality Haiti Among Least Developed Countries to Benefit from New UN Programme Baby Doc Duvalier enjoys perks of Haiti Freed and Says He’s Home to Stay Haiti:  Just When You Think It Can’t Get Worse Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund Invests to Complete Construction of Haitian-owned Hotel and Conference Center in […]

Disaster Capitalism to Reign in Haiti – Martelly and Clinton Seal the Deal

April 28, 2011


With unnerving foresight, Alex Dupuy, a professor of sociology at Wesleyan University, summed up Clinton and Martelly’s Wednesday meeting nearly a year ago when he said, “The dual strategy of urban sweatshops and laissez-faire agriculture, which subordinated Haiti in the 1980s, is now it’s reconstruction plan.” Martelly-Clinton Seal Deal for Next Wave of Disaster Capitalism […]

HAITI: Sweet Mickey’s Military

April 21, 2011


President Aristide’s most popular decision while in office was to abolish the Haitian army.   With no  foreign enemies and a ridiculous drain on Haiti’s precious annual budget, getting rid of the army was a wise fiscal decision. But, the decision’s popularity was because the primary source of state-sponsored repression against the Haitian people would be […]

In Addition to Bill Clinton, Prezy “Sweet Mickey” Makes Another New, Best Friend — Hillary

April 20, 2011


Haitian President-elect Martelly pledges to speed up post-earthquake recovery By Mary Beth Sheridan, Wednesday, April 20, 6:49 PM Haiti’s newly elected president met senior U.S. officials in Washington on Wednesday, pledging to speed up reconstruction of his earthquake-battered country and to reestablish an army in a country that has been plagued with coups. Michel Martelly was warmly […]

US Will Pay for Haitian Vote Fraud

December 15, 2010


Brian Concannon Jr. and Jeena Shah US will pay for Haitian vote fraud THE DECISION last Thursday to recount the votes in Haiti’s disputed elections is like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. As this week’s continued protests demonstrate, it will not avoid the catastrophe. Resolving Haiti’s election woes requires the financial backers of the […]

FIDEL: The World Government (Part II)

August 19, 2010


August 19, 2010  Cuban News Agency The World Government (Part II) Reflections by Comrade Fidel “The ABC of drug trafficking” “Opium is grown in different regions of the world: South America; The Golden Triangle made up by Laos, Burma and Thailand; and an area known as the Golden Crescent made up by Afghanistan, Pakistan and […]

WEISBROT: Does Washington Want Normal Diplomatic Relations with Venezuela?

August 18, 2010


  Does Washington Want Normal Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela? By Mark Weisbrot This column was published by The Guardian Unlimited on August 18, 2010. If anyone wants to reprint it, please include a link to the original. While President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and the new President of Colombia, Manuel Santos met in Santa Marta, […]

Al Jazeera Video: What is Clinton’s Interim Haiti Recovery Commission Doing? Answers Tough to Come By

July 23, 2010


Check it out: