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VIDEO – Jamaica and Haiti: Criminalizing Resistance to Oppression and Occupation

June 16, 2010


The relationship between state authority and the poor of the world is defined by criminalization, defamation and provocation.  To prevent the poor from progressing, state authority issues propaganda that criminalizes the poor and defames its leaders.  With the propaganda stage set, the state provokes the poor until a response is elicited. Then, the state takes the poor’s response and touts it as the aggressive nature […]

“HAITI: An Oppressed State” LASC Delegation Report on HR Abuses by UN “Peacekeeping” Mission

March 23, 2010


  LATIN AMERICAN SOLIDARITY COALITION DELEGATION REPORT:  “HAITI – AN OPPRESSED STATE,” 12/2809 – 1/7/2010   Excerpt from introduction:         A delegation of 11 academics, journalists, and Latin America solidarity leaders from the United States and Canada visited Haiti prior to the recent earthquake, from Dec. 28, 2009-Jan. 7, 2010. The delegation […]

HAITI: Meet MINUSTAH Head, Edmond Mulet – Then, Keep An Eye on Him

March 13, 2010


   Edmond Mulet, is a former Guatemalan politician and diplomat.  He first came to Haiti in June 2006 to serve as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN “peacekeeping” mission, MINUSTAH.  In August 2007, Mulet was named Assistant Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations and was posted in New York.  Upon the death of Hedi […]

VIDEO: Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman Puts a Blinding Happy Face on UN “Peacekeepers” Occupying Haiti

February 25, 2010


Given the arrival of President Lula in Haiti, it’s obvious that Lucia Newman’s assignment was to do a story on how much Haitians love and admire the UN “peacekeepers,” especially the Brazilians since they head the peacekeeping mission, MINUSTAH.  In 2004, when MINUSTAH was deployed to Haiti, it had one important job — make the February 2004 coup against President […]

UN Pumping Up the Propaganda on “Violent Gangs” in Cite Soleil

February 1, 2010


Cite Soleil is a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince that is extremely poor and where former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, enjoys his greatest support.  Since the beginning of its occupation of Haiti, the UN has regularly demonized the residents of  Cite Soleil by claiming they are prone to violence.  For five years, this propaganda has been a prelude […]

ALLARD’s 2005 Article on Architect of Haiti’s Destabilization: Bush’s Proconsul, Caleb McCarry

January 26, 2010


  Caleb McCarry doing what he does best:  dreaming up ways to screw the people of Haiti 10/28/05 Granma International (Havana) CALEB McCARRY: Bush’s man for Cuba author of the Haitian disaster   BY JEAN-GUY ALLARD-Special for Granma International   Havana, October 28, 2005   BY using ex-soldiers, henchmen and criminals to destabilize the government […]

All Week, Live Reports from Haiti – KPFA Radio: Among Other News, UN “Peacekeepers” Fire Rubber Bullets into Crowd

January 25, 2010


Kevin Pina, journalist and documentary filmmaker, is a special correspondent for KPFA’s – Flashpoints program and is reporting from Haiti every day this week.  Kevin has been reporting on Haiti for 20 years.  The show airs live daily at 5:00PM West Coast time and 8:00PM East Coast time and the URL is:   I encourage you to […]

HAITI: UN “Peacekeepers” in the Gaza Strip of the Caribbean

January 20, 2010

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The original article on this topic, “Haiti, the Gaza Strip of the Caribbean,” was written just after a July 6, 2005, UN massacre in Cite Soleil, one of  poorest neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince. The following article has much of the same information as the original with some updates.  In this article, the terms “UN” and “MINUSTAH,” which is the French acronym for the […]

HAITI: Canada’s NED? Whose Rights? What Sort of Democracy?

October 29, 2008

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Canada’s NED? Whose Rights? What Sort of Democracy? Haiti by Yves Engler Global Research, October 24, 2008 ZNet – 2006-09-16 These are the questions that must be asked of “Rights & Democracy,” a Montreal-based political group funded almost entirely by the Canadian government. This week Rights and Democracy has taken part in a smear campaign […]

HAITI: Fourth Anniversary of the Coup

February 29, 2008

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Today, February 29, is the fourth anniversary of the 2004 coup in which the US government kidnapped the democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. A purge of Lavalas supporters was in full swing already but no one was prepared for the slaughter that was to come, especially at the hands of UN “peacekeepers.” Below are articles […]