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CIA Declassifies More Bay of Pigs Documents

August 16, 2011


CIA declassifies more Bay of Pigs documents The Bay of Pigs invasion was hampered by major confusion and mixed signals, according to newly released documents. Related Content Volume I: Part I (March, 1960 – April, 1961) Volume I: Part II (March, 1960 – April, 1961) Volume I: Part III (March, 1960 – April, 1961) Volume […]

Rethinking Iran-Contra: A Much Darker Story? The Iran-Contra/October Surprise was Missing Link in Larger US Narrative

July 3, 2010


    Rethinking Iran-Contra: A Much Darker Story? The Iran-Contra/ October Surprise was the missing link in a larger American political narrative By Robert Parry   URL of this article: Global Research, July 1, 2010 Consortiumnews The conventional view of the Iran-Contra scandal is that it covered the period 1985-86, when President Ronald Reagan […]

A Tale of Two Extraditions: “Dudus” Coke and Luis Posada Carriles

July 2, 2010


In the following article, Saul Landau, provides excellent background on Coke, alleged drug kingpin from Jamaica, and Luis Posada Carriles, the perpetual Cuban exile terrorist, making the point quite clearly that, when it comes to extradition, these guys were treated very differently.  The reason the US will never extradite Posada Carriles or try him in a US court […]

Novo Sampoll: Get to Know the CIA-Trained Terrorist Thugs Living in Miami

June 25, 2010


Pic above:  Guillermo Novo Sampoll, March 1969 The Novo Sampoll brothers were involved in the 1976 car bombing assassination of Allende’s former Foreign Mininster, Orlando Letelier in Washington, DC.  His co-worker, Roni Moffit, was killed as well and Moffit’s husband was seriously  injured.   GRANMA INTERNATIONAL Havana. June 24, 2010   Total impunity In Miami, […]

How the CIA Created the Jamaican Shower Posse

June 6, 2010


How The CIA Created The Jamaican Shower Posse View Photos By Casey Gane-McCalla June 3, 2010 2:06 pm With the recent violence in Jamaica and the controversy over alleged drug lord, Christopher “Dudus” Coke, many people are talking about the infamous Jamaican Shower Posse and the neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens, where they have their base. […]

Book Review: The Never Ending Drug War: The Personalities, Politics and Espionage Intrigues that Shaped the DEA

April 24, 2010


The Never Ending Drug War: The Personalities, Politics and Espionage Intrigues that Shaped the DEA A Review of Dougals Valentine’s book  by Dr. John Jiggens Global Research, April 22, 2010 After 40 years, the War on Drugs is about to become the longest continuous war in US history. In The Strength of the Pack, Douglas […]

CUBA: The Bay of Pigs – Not One, but Two Days of Infamy

April 19, 2010


Alberto N Jones April 18, 2010 Not One, but Two Days of Infamy. At 5:00 PM on April 19, 1961, the Cuban government sent out its third and final military statement announcing, that all invading forces holed-up in their last outpost in Cayo Largo, had surrendered to the Cuban Armed Forces and the Militia. This […]

GOLINGER: 8 Years After Venezuelan Coup, “Coup and Countercoup, Revolution!”

April 14, 2010


President Chavez returns to the palace after 2002 coup   Coup and Countercoup, Revolution! By Eva Golinger – Correo del Orinoco International, April 13th 2010    In just 47 hours, a coup d’etat ousted President Chavez and a countercoup returned him to power, in an extraordinary showing of the will and determination of a dignified […]

CUBA Notes 50th Anniv. of US Declaration of Unilateral War

March 19, 2010


  GRANMA INTERNATIONAL Havana. March 18, 2010 Cuba notes 50th anniversary of U.S. declaration of unilateral war HAVANA, March17.—In the face of another hostile media campaign directed by Washington, Cuba recalls today the 50th anniversary of former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower’s executive order approving covert and terrorist action against the island. U.S. President Dwight EisenhowerCalled […]

The Terrorist Attack on La Coubre: Washington Still Silent 50 Years Later

March 5, 2010


  It was at the memorial service for the victims of the La Coubre explosion that photographer Alberto Korda took this well-known picture of Che.   Guerrillero Heroico – Alberto Korda’s famous photograph of Che Guevara   The Terrorist Attack on La Coubre: Washington still Silent 50 Years Later BY JEAN-GUY ALLARD In spite of […]