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Forthcoming Book on US Blockade of Cuba by Salim Lamrani

August 9, 2011


France: Forthcoming Book on U.S. Blockade of Cuba Escrito por Juan M. Garcia lunes, 08 de agosto de 2011 08 de agosto de 2011, 00:15Havana, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) A historical and legal analysis of U.S. political, economic and commercial sanctions against Cuba is the idea behind a book soon to be published by French […]

At United Nations, Cuba Demands New World Political and Economic Order

September 21, 2010


acnnews 6 Cuba Demands New World Political and Economic Order at United Nations HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 21 (acn) Cuba demanded on Tuesday a new international political and economic order based on the principles of solidarity, social justice, equality and respect for the rights of the peoples and all human rights. Addressing the plenary session of […]

US Blockade Causes Billions in Losses to Cuba

September 15, 2010


acnnews 7 U.S. blockade Causes Billions in Losses to Cuba HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 15 (acn) The U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade has cost Cuba over 750 billion dollars in direct economic damages in half a century, reads a report introduced today by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla. This figure reveals that despite there is […]

Pastors for Peace Caravanistas Getting Ready to Bust the Blockade Taking Aid to Cuba

July 20, 2010


acnnews 7 Pastors for Peace Ready to Cross US Border with Humanitarian Aid for Cuba HAVANA, Cuba, July 20 (acn) The US Friendshipment Caravan held a press conference on Tuesday at Our Savior Lutheran Church in McAllen, Texas to announce that the caravanistas will cross the US border on Wednesday into Mexico, defying Washington’s travel […]

HAITI: “Vigilant Sentry” – US’ Air, Land, and Sea Blockade Operation

January 21, 2010


   Haiti earthquake: US ships blockade coast to thwart exodus to America A US aircraft carrier is spearheading a blockade of Haiti’s waters as America prepares for a mass sea exodus of Haitians with thousands fleeing the devastated capital of Port-au-Prince.   By Bruno Waterfield Published: 8:53PM GMT 19 Jan 2010 US officials have drawn […]

CUBA: Declaration of the Revolutionary Gov’t. – Regarding the OAS

June 8, 2009

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Whomever is unclear about the OAS and Cuba should not remain so after reading this declaration.   The picture below, taken in 1962, shows Fidel ripping up the the OAS resolution #6 which expelled Cuba from its ranks. ENGLISH TRANSLATION:… SPANISH ORIGINAL:… ================================================================= Havana. June 8, 2009 Declaration of the Revolutionary Government IN an […]

CUBA (video): Interviews with Two Foot Soldiers in the Cuban Revolution

April 22, 2009

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Over the last few years, Fidel has issued numerous “reflections” about a variety of social, political, and economic issues and, of course, baseball.  Having been on the world stage for fifty years and fighting the blockade from hell, Fidel’s experiences offer  precious historical context that no one else can provide.  In addition, his comprehensive analysis […]

Obama Needs a History Lesson: “From the Bay of Pigs to Trinidad and Tobago”

April 18, 2009

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Image via Wikipedia As the Summit of the Americas begins and after listening to Obama’s speech last night laced with all the things that most US presidents think will please the “third world,”  Manuel Gomez’ article is a breath of fresh air.  He maintains that to “normalize” relations between the US and Cuba it is […]


April 17, 2009

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CUBA: Washington Post Gets “F” in Cuban History

April 9, 2009

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In your “Coddling Cuba” editorial of April 9, you managed to resurrect several themes under which the US messed with Cuba over the last fifty years. In fact some of these themes even the Cuban American National Foundation have either rejected or is dubious about their usefulness. Please see CANF’s White Paper on US-Cuba relations […]