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In Haiti, Reliving Duvalier, Waiting for Aristide by Laura Flynn

January 26, 2011


  Laura Flynn Writer, Activist, and Board Member of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy Posted: January 24, 2011 01:53 PM   In Haiti, Reliving Duvalier, Waiting for Aristide Read More: Haiti , Haiti Elections , Jean Bertrand Aristide , Jean-Claude Duvalier , World News In the 1980s, when the armed forces of Jean-Claude Duvalier’s regime […]

Okay, Drop the Screwdriver: Imperial Screws Tightened Regarding “Election” and Haiti’s Future

January 24, 2011


If you are going to be an imperialist, you must act like one.  You must be arrogant, duplicitous, condescending  and, when dealing with certain countries like Haiti, you must treat the people and their government officials like children.  If I was casting for the role of the new UglyAmerican, I would pick the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice.  […]

Haiti Liberte – Kim Ives: A Class Analysis of Baby Doc: Mothballed Playboy Dictator Recalled to Service

January 20, 2011


  Excellent background and analysis from Kim Ives.  I encourage you to share this article widely.  A Class Analysis of Baby Doc: Mothballed Playboy Dictator Recalled to Service       By Kim Ives  The big question Haitians are asking is: who is behind Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier’s surprise arrival in Haiti with an expired Haitian […]

Written Statement from Pres. Aristide: He’s Ready to Return to Haiti

January 19, 2011


  Dr Jean-Bertrand Aristide Former President of Haiti 19 January 2011 I would like to thank the government and the people of South Africa for the historic hospitality, deeply rooted in Ubuntu, extended to my family and I. Since my forced arrival in the Mother Continent six and a half years ago, the people of […]

Baby Doc’s Lawyer Says He is A “Political Man” and Has “Right to Run” for Haitian Presidency

January 19, 2011


In a bizarre interview with Al Jazeera’s Sebastian Walker, one of Jean-Claude Duvalier’s lawyers says Baby Doc is a political man and has the right to run for President.  The lawyer also said that if Haiti wanted to bring charges against Baby Doc, it should have done so within ten years of his departure.  The […]

Need an Antidote to Baby Doc? Try Stokely Carmichael on Haitian History

January 18, 2011


The daily slaughtering by Tonton Macoutes and the torture and murder of thousands of Haitians at Ft. Dimanche were all products of the Duvaliers — Papa Doc and Baby Doc.  As if nationwide terror was not enough, Baby Doc did his part by stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the Haitian people.  From the ransom France forced Haiti to pay beginning in 1825 […]

Baby Doc – Oui, Pres. Aristide – Non? Who Let Baby Doc Back Into Haiti?

January 17, 2011


He looks scared — he should be. (Photo: NY Times) Actually, the more important question is WHO sent him there and for WHAT?  More on this in the coming days.   Monday, January, 17, 2011 Who Let ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Back into Haiti? By Tim Padgett In the past 12 months, Haiti — already the […]

NY: Solidarity with Haiti March, Wed., Jan. 12, Meet at Times Square at 1:30PM – Details Follow

January 11, 2011


  REMINDER: SOLIDARITY MARCH THIS WEDNESDAY Jan 12th @2pm           JOIN US! Along with our partner organizations, we need as much support as we can gather!  We still need more musicians, marchers, and other organizations to spread the word. Bailey House CAMBA Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and […]

Haiti’s Sham Elections Shames US by Mark Weisbrot

December 1, 2010


Comment is free Cif America Haiti’s sham election shames US Washington cannot confer legitimacy on this flawed election that does nothing for Haitians living under tarps, menaced by cholera Mark Weisbrot, Wednesday 1 December 2010 23.27 GMT Article history UN soldiers from Sri Lanka at the Haitian election tabulation centre in Port-au-Prince. The elections […]

Haiti Election: It’s A Sham — 11 of the 18 Candidates Allege Widespread Fraud

November 28, 2010


Haitian candidates allege widespread fraud in national election From Ivan Watson, CNN STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: 11 of the 18 candidates running for president allege widespread fraud at the polls NEW: The candidates say the vote should be annulled Polls opened early Sunday on the fragile island nation Voters are struggling to overcome after-effects of the […]