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Sanctions on Venezuela: A Known History

June 3, 2011


PROGRESO WEEKLY Sanctions on Venezuela: A known history Wednesday, 01 June 2011 14:45 By Jesús Arboleya Cervera Assistant Secretary of State James Steinberg recently announced Hillary Clinton’s decision to impose sanctions on seven foreign companies, including Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), for “cooperating with Iran’s energy industry,” which, according to what the Secretary stated, violates the […]

Wikileaks: How Washington and Big Oil Fought PetroCaribe in Haiti

June 2, 2011


In spite of the US’ relentless attempts to disengage Haiti from Venezuela concerning PetroCaribe, it was only because Amb. Janet Sanderson got so thoroughly played by former president Preval that the program survived. Wikileaks: How Washington and Big Oil Fought Petrocaribe in Haiti NEW WIKILEAKED CABLES REVEAL: HOW WASHINGTON AND BIG OIL FOUGHT PETROCARIBE IN […]

Obama’s Latin America Policy: Continuity Without Change by Mark Weisbrot

May 23, 2011


Obama’s Latin America Policy: Continuity Without ChangeBy Mark Weisbrot This article was written for and published by the journal, Latin American Perspectives, May 2011. When Latin America’s left presidents watched the campaign of Barack Obama for president in 2008, they thought that they might finally see a U.S. president who would change Washington’s foreign policy […]

FIDEL on the Assassination of Bin Laden

May 6, 2011


Reflections by Comrade Fidel THE ASSASSINATION OF OSAMA BIN LADEN Those persons who deal with these issues know that on September 11 of 2001 our people expressed its solidarity to the US people and offered the modest cooperation that in the area of health we could have offered to the victims of the brutal attack […]

Cuba’s May Day Celebration

May 2, 2011


The Voices of a Glorious May Day Resounds Through Every Space By Arailaisy Rosabal García / Radio Cadena Agramonte. lasy@rcagramonte.icrt.cuYesterday was a day of confirmations and confessions in Cuba. The International Workers’ Day couldn’t be otherwise in the island because for 50 years this celebration has become a colourful hive of people, flags and songs. […]

VIDEO: Fidel Makes Appearance at Cuban Communist Party Congress

April 19, 2011


Fidel looks great in his appearance at the Cuba Communist Party Conference in Havana.  He received extensive applause from the audience and many were moved to tears.  Viva Fidel!!

Cuba’s Unindictable Indictment of Int’l. Donor Response to Haiti

April 8, 2011


A year ago, during the international donors’ meeting at the United Nations, Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, made an extraordinary presentation regarding his country’s intended response to the devastating impact of the January 2010 earthquake on the people of Haiti.  He said that Cuba would not be making a financial contribution, rather it would […]

White House Blocks UN Medical Aid to Cuba

March 27, 2011


White House blocks UN medical aid to Cuba  BY DOUG NELSON The White House has moved to block UN funds from reaching Cuba for the treatment and prevention of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The move is an example of how Washington’s 50-year economic war on socialist Cuba not only remains in force, but is continually […]

BREAKING: Haiti Gives Aristide’s Passport to His Lawyer

February 8, 2011


Al Jazeera, in a report by Sebastian Walker this evening, reported that President Aristide’s attorney, Ira Kurzban, has been given a passport for Aristide by the Haitian government.  Walker confirmed this by speaking to Kurzban as he was heading to the airport in Port-au-Prince to fly back to Miami.   There have been many rumors over […]

Cuba, South Africa, Haiti and US Reported to be in Negotiations Regarding Aristide Return to Haiti

January 22, 2011


I want to go home, says Haiti’s Aristide Jan 22, 2011 10:36 PM | By MOIPONE MALEFANE Top-level negotiations involving Cuba and the US are under way to send exiled Haitian leader Jean Bertrand Aristide back home – and save South African taxpayers at least R3-million a year. ‘The unbearable pain experienced in the winter […]