VIDEO: WikiLeaks Haiti Exposes How the US Blocked Aristide’s Return After 2004 Coup – Dem Now, Plus Article

Posted on August 12, 2011


The following Democracy Now video and Nation magazine article reveal how a shameless US and its equally shameless diplomatic counterparts from France, Canada, the UN and the Vatican collaborated to keep former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide from returning to Haiti after the 2004 coup.  Edmond Mulet, a Guatemalan diplomat who served as head of the UN “peacekeeping” mission in Haiti went as far as to suggest the US take legal action against Aristide to keep him out of Haiti–essentially, it was a collaboration to frame him.  

Amy Goodman’s guest is Kim Ives, editor of Haiti Liberte.  The following article is authored by Kim and independent journalist, Ansel Herz.

WikiLeaks Haiti: The Aristide Files | The Nation

by Ansel Herz and Kim Ives