Haitians Protest for End of United Nations Presence in Haiti

Posted on July 31, 2011


Haitians Protest for End of United Nations Presence in Haiti

Published on Saturday, 30 July 2011 13:15
Written by Gaetant Guevara
Destroying flags at protest – more photos link below

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Sit in by civil society organizations against the presence of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) on the 96th anniversary of the 1915 United States occupation of Haiti.

Organizations are calling for justice for the UN soldiers bringing the cholera epidemic to Haiti and for the mission to withdraw. The over $850 million budget of MINUSTAH this year would be better used to build Haiti’s own police force and combat the spread of cholera through basic water and sanitation infrastructure.

Letter from Organization Heads:

28 July 1915 – 28 July 2011, this makes 96 years since the imperialist United States army had arrived in the country to occupy us during 19 years, where many children of the country were killed and all the riches of the nation taken.

96 years later the great imperialist powers and the neo-colonialists: United States, Canada and France use a lot of sousou governments to occupy the country, like: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc. to dappiyanp on Haiti.

These great powers use global and regional organizations as well such as the UN, OAS, European Union, IMF, World Banks, IDB, to occupy, dominate and exploit the ends of father Dessalines.

For more than 7 years, these imperialist countries under UN hat on the label MINUSTAH arrived in the country for a third time, to continue to dominate the Haitian people, keeping it from development and progress. Since June 2004, the MINUSTAH troops have domesticated institutions Republican, killed Haitian, violate human rights and the rights of the Haitian people to decide for their country, putting their mouth deep into the politics, to say who will be the President, Senators, Representatives and the Prime Minister, made the massacre of the popular neighborhoods, they violated the women, the last of which killed the owl, in October 2010, the release of an outbreak of Cholera in the country that already killed more than 7 thousand people.

But the popular organizations, progressive that we say this situation can not remain like this, MINUSTAH must leave the country, NGOs must stop sucking the blood of the poor masses, the great imperialist powers must give Haiti a chance to take the road development and progress.

Us, these organizations, we take advantage of our opportunity, July 28, a cursed date that the Haitian people will never forget, history requires a departure once again of United Nations occupation and forces in Haiti.

MINUSTAH soldiers aren’t settling anything in the country, it is Cholera they brought, it is the people in the popular neighborhoods they are terrorizing. We ask justice and reparation for victims of the Cholera. For these reasons, social organizations, popular and progressive: Cooperation Popular Organizations, MODEP, BRIKOURI, MOLEGHAF, GREPS, and Battle Workers have decided to sit-in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located at Bwavèna, Thursday, July 28, 2011 for 10 hours in the morning, to ask the Haitian government to not renew the mandate of MINUSTAH in this country.

In this sit-in we expect all who believe Haiti can not be under the boot occupants, the oppressors, exploiters who believe in quality change, in a country where all people live as men.

Down with the occupation.
Down with MINUSTAH/Cholera
Down with the false reconstruction
Haiti’s free The struggle to live the Haitian people WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!

In the 1915-1934 occupation of the white Americans many thousands of children from this land were killed and plundered, the wealth of the land taken including: Charlemagne Péralte, Benoit Batraville.

The United Nations occupation in 2004 killed more than 7 thousand Haitians and Cholera. What are we waiting for to kick them out of the country?

In this sense we are inviting you to participate in the sit-in, before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at Bwavèna, Thursday, July 28 to 10 hours of the morning departure to require MINUSTAH, justice and reparation for victims of the Cholera. Rate translation.

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