Haiti Headlines: Parliament Rejects Prez’ Choice for PM, Martelly Celebrates Haiti Health Week by Going to US for a Check-up, and UN Says Don’t Forcibly Repatriate Haitians

Posted on June 21, 2011


Haitian president’s pick for prime minister rejected

Martelly’s first, big political defeat.  Given that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are Martelly’s new, best friends, I imagine they will try to find a way to dissolve Parliament.

Martelly Launches Health Week in Haiti, Travels to U.S. for Routine Check-up

Martelly could have stayed in Haiti and received a first-class check-up from Cuban doctors — for free.  Obviously, he has some political business to conduct in the US and Parliament’s rejection of his PM nomination means he will need to consult with the Clintons before submitting a second name.

Citing precarious conditions, UN urges governments not to return Haitians

Good.  Let’s see what the US does in response to this.