Cuba’s May Day Celebration

Posted on May 2, 2011


The Voices of a Glorious May Day Resounds Through Every Space Print
By Arailaisy Rosabal García / Radio Cadena Agramonte.
lasy@rcagramonte.icrt.cuYesterday was a day of confirmations and confessions in Cuba. The International Workers’ Day couldn’t be otherwise in the island because for 50 years this celebration has become a colourful hive of people, flags and songs. Unlike many countries where workers take to the streets to demand their labour and social security rights, the working class in Cuba marches to reaffirm its stalwart supports to the Revolutionary government which came into power on January 1, 1959.
Neither the scorching sun nor the tiredness of a whole week of work discouraged millions of Cubans, across the country, to pack into the squares to say “Yes” to the Revolution and the Socialism, and not only because duty calls them, but because they do feel it this way.Some 200,000 people marched through the streets of Camagüey and walked past the statue of the worthiest son of this city: General Ignacio Agramonte, a paradigm for those who live in this province.

Fulgencio González.

Fulgencio González.Among the many thousand of marchers were Fulgencio González Marín, a veteran worker of the municipal community service, and for many times winner of the National Vanguard award. In spite of his many years of age, missing this parade would be unforgivable for him, who expresses that he came to the square “to thank the Revolution for all it has done in favor of the people.”

Norma Palomino.

Norma Palomino.Norma Palomino had the same reasons to take part in this massive march which, as she says, sets out guidelines because of the important moment the nation is going through nowadays, mainly the upgrading of its economic model. “That’s why we have been called to work hard and efficiently”; she said.

Fermín Espinosa.

Fermín Espinosa.For Fermín Espinosa this has been “one of the best celebrations of the International Workers’ Day in Cuba. The enthusiasm, energy and the willingness of the workers were superb. You had to be there to experience this at first hand”.

Isidro Anthony Cambell.

Isidro Anthony Cambell.“It was fantastic and extraordinary!”, said Isidro Anthony Cambell to describe the parade of thousands of Camagüey residents who hailed the International Workers’ Day in this Cuban city . “I was simple the best!”, categorically he stated.

Undoubtedly, the Cuban youth was the leading actors of this commemoration, which was also dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of Cuba’s Socialism and of the Bay of Pigs Victory. Although we have always said -citing Che Guevara- that “the fundamental clay of the Revolution is the youth”, now more than ever the young people have to assume urgently the need to change everything that has to be changed to assure the future.

First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party Raúl Castro Ruz recalled that the recent 6th Congress of the PCC would be the last one in which the historical leadership of the Revolution would be present, hence the responsibility and commitment of the youth in defending the country.

Ailyn Naples.

Ailyn Naples.Amidst myriads of representatives of the new generation that supported on Sunday the agreements adopted in the recent PCC Congress were Ailyn Nápoles and Yariannis Vázquez, who assured that the youth in this Cuban eastern province will know how to safeguard and perfect the social gains of the Revolution at any cost.

Yariannis Vázquez.

Yariannis Vázquez.This is the way it has to be, because – as Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro said – “on the youth lies the most legitimate hope of our people and of the revolutionaries”.

Although more than 24 hours have past since Sunday’s march, in each corner Cubans still speak about yesterday’s “massive parade and celebration”, without any doubt, another glorious day for our country.