The Coup Attempt in Ecuador — US Testing the Water?

Posted on October 1, 2010


Consider the following information regarding yesterday’s coup attempt in Ecuador.  First an RT interview with Eva Golinger.  Second, two articles, authored by Jean-Guy Allard — the first one confirms a story that broke in 2008 about US intelligence penetration of the Ecuadoran police and the second one describes the meddling by the US ambassador in Ecuadoran affairs including regular use of various programs of the USAID.

This coup was not as spontaneous as it looked, the issue of police pay and benefits is a ruse, and Correa stressed that there are very important people who planned and steered yesterday’s events.


PLEASE NOTE THAT BOTH ARTICLES ORIGINALLY POSTED HERE WERE GOOGLE TRANSLATIONS and were of poor quality.  MACHETERA has just completed excellent translations of both articles and I refer you to her site.