US Blockade Causes Billions in Losses to Cuba

Posted on September 15, 2010


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U.S. blockade Causes Billions in Losses to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 15 (acn) The U.S. economic, commercial and financial
blockade has cost Cuba over 750 billion dollars in direct economic damages
in half a century, reads a report introduced today by Foreign Minister
Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

This figure reveals that despite there is a new US government, allegedly
inspired by the philosophy of change, there hasn’t been any change in its
policy towards the island, said the Cuban Minister.

Rodriguez Parrilla presented today to the domestic and foreign press the
report on the subject that Cuba will take to the 65 regular session of the
UN General Assembly.

He called the blockade an act of genocide that has extraterritorial reach,
since its unilateral sanctions would have a widespread effect on business
outside the U.S. territory over third countries and their citizens.

He denounced that Cuba continues being prevented from exporting or
importing goods and services freely to or from United States; it can not
use the US dollar in international transactions or have accounts in that
currency in banks of third countries, and it is not allowed access to
credit from U.S. banks , its subsidiaries and institutions under its control.

He cited statements made to NBC by the economic adviser to President
Barack Obama Lawrence Summers, according to which, the lifting of the
embargo, as he euphemistically call it “will depend on what Cuba does” 

“It is clear that the United States government harbors no intention to
change in its policy toward Cuba, or to comply with the repeated
resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations calling for its
removal,” said the minister.

On the contrary, he said, they still cling to interventionist unacceptable
conditions and requirements as a condition for a correction of their strategy.

Although he had a considerable political support in Congress, in the
press, public opinion and the business sector, President Obama has been
far below the expectations of its prerogative to alter significant aspects
of policy, he said.

It is a smoking mirror the claim that the U.S. president can not change
the economic, commercial and financial siege that has lasted half a
century, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

However, he warned, the current U.S. administration, violating basic
international standards, continues using political subversion as a weapon
in its confrontation with Cuba and approved, to promote such programs, 40
million US dollars for the 2009 and 2010 fiscal years 

In 2009 representatives of 187 countries showed their support to Cuba at
the Un General Assembly, with only three against: U.S., Israel and Palau,
the last two dependent on the first.

The 65 session of the General Assembly of the United Nations began on
Tuesday and there will be a debate with the participation of Heads of
State and Ministers of Foreign Affairs. It will run from September 23 to
the 30.

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