Now This is How to Commemorate the 31st Anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution: Ortega Opens New Health and Child Care Facilities

Posted on July 19, 2010


I’ll let an email I received earlier today provide the introduction:

Today in 1979 Sandinista troops marched into Managua to the triumphant welcome of hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans overjoyed to be rid of the US-supported Somoza dictatorship. The “revolution of poets” was triumphant. One of the first things the Sandinistas did was launch the Literacy Crucade which reduced illiteracy to levels unknown previously in Nicaragua. Viva Sandino and happy July 19 everyone.
Chuck Kaufman
Alliance for Global Justice/Nicaragua Network

MANAGUA – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega officially opened 14 hospitals and health care centres and 24 childcare centres as part of activities celebrating the 31st anniversary of the victorious Sandinista Revolution.

Ortega gave closing remarks Wednesday night at a forum on municipal governments attended by hundreds of city council representatives, and officially inaugurated the health facilities and childcare centres.

Part of a Sandinista government program called “Amor” (“Love”) to support working women, the 24 new childcare centres have a capacity to care 3,000 children.

Eight of those facilities are located in the capital, three in Leon, a similar number in Jinotega, two in Matagalpa, an equal number in Chontales and Masaya, and one each in Carazo, Esteli, Rio San Juan, and Nueva Segovia.

Ortega also opened four primary care hospitals in Managua, Leon, Madriz and the South Atlantic Autonomous Region, as well as various healthcare centres, including five in Managua, and one each in Matagalpa, Esteli, Chontales, Carazo and Chinandega.