Ban Ki-moon Wants Cuba to Improve Human Rights. Gee, Ban, Since You’re in the Neighborhood, Why Don’t You Start with the NYPD . . .

Posted on July 19, 2010


and see if you can get an independent review of the pre-meditated murder of Amadou Diallo by NYPD in which the cops walked.  Spend a moment reviewing the photos of the brutal beating and sexual assault of Abner Louima in which the cops walked.  Then go back to your office and refresh your memory about the UN’s superlative assessments of Cuba in areas such as  education, health, agriculture, etc.

Once you have a deeper understanding of the state of human rights in the US, I think you should put your wagging finger back in your pocket, ask the government of Cuba and its people to forgive you, and make a promise not to do any more of the US’ dirty work.

 UN chief wants human rights improvement from Cuba

(AP) – 13 hours ago

GENEVA — The U.N. secretary-general says Cuba should build on its release of at least 20 dissidents by doing more to improve human rights.

Ban Ki-moon welcomed last week’s transfer of 11 Cuban prisoners to Spain. Nine more are expected to arrive Tuesday, along with around 50 of their relatives.

Speaking in Geneva, Ban said Monday that he has closely followed the developments. He called them “encouraging.”

But he said the U.N. still expects “more reconciliatory measures taken by Cuban authorities, establishing the rule of law and respecting human rights.”

Cuba is committed to releasing 52 imprisoned dissidents under a deal with the Spanish government and Catholic Church.