VIDEOS – Puerto Rico: Brutal Attack by PR Police on Student Protesters at Capitol

Posted on July 1, 2010


Puerto Rican Police Quash Protest at State Capitol

From Democracy Now

Clashes erupted at the Puerto Rico Capitol in San Juan on Wednesday after police forcibly prevented protesters from attending a legislative session on the State budget. Officers used batons, physical force and pepper spray to block a large group that included many students seeking a voice in the Puerto Rican budget. Student organizers say over two dozen protesters were treated for injuries. The clashes come a week after University of Puerto Rico students voted to end their two-month strike against budget cuts, fee hikes, and school privatization.

Watch Puerto Rican TV station video coverage of the students attempt to enter the Capitol as Puerto Rican police officers brutally attack them by crackin’ heads with night sticks.  This video shows what happened to the unfortunate people who got into the Capitol building — pepper spray directly into the eyes.  And, finally, here is the tear gas video.

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