Former Minister Under Zelaya Murdered

Posted on June 16, 2010



June 16, 2010

The former official and liberal politician, Roland Valenzuela was killed last night in a hotel in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

According to the prosecutor on duty, Marco Cartagena, Valenzuela was in a meeting with a lawyer, when a businessman, identified by police as Charles Yacamán, approached and began an argument over money. The incident occurred around midnight on Tuesday.

The preliminary report states that the men had a heated discussion, and when Valenzuela headed to the men’s room, his attacker shot him in the head. Valenzuela was rushed to the hospital, but was dead upon arrival.

Prosecutor Cartagena is conducting the investigation, which includes hotel videos that were confiscated for review.

Valenzuela served as the Minister of the National Program for Sustainable Development under Manual Zelaya.

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