DemNow More Details on Israeli Attack: Commando Shooting of US Citizen “Not Self-Defense, but an Execution”

Posted on June 3, 2010


Today, Democracy Now, spent most of the hour interviewing a wide variety of people who were part of the Gaza Aid flotilla, among them  Huwaida Arraf, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement and the Free Gaza movement.  Yesterday, 9 bodies were flown to Turkey along with ship passengers who had been detained by the Israelis.  Of the nine dead, one was a 19-year old US citizen of Turkish descent  who was shot four times in the head and one time in the torso.  An Israeli activist said, “this was not self-defense, this was an execution.”

Also, VP Joe Biden was on Charlie Rose show saying the Israelis had a right to be concerned about the aid going to Gaza and that the  flotilla could have made accommodations to allow the Israelis to transport the shipments to Gaza.

Coverage of US activist shot in the eye with a gas canister while demonstrating in the West bank on the day of the Israeli attack.  If you talk to doctors caring for injured Palestinians over the years, they will tell you the Israeli Defense Forces are fond of shooting people in the eye and target people in this manner regularly. 

Plus, extensive video and more at  Democracy Now

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