All Hell Breaks Loose When Palestinian Legislator Who Was on Gaza Aid Flotilla Attempts to Speak

Posted on June 3, 2010


The Palestinian legislator is Haneen Zoabi who provided the “eyewitness” report about the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla that I posted to this blog yesterday.

In the video,  Zoabi stands calmly at the podium waiting to speak while Knesset members call her a terrorist repeatedly.  One woman mounts the podium and attempts to pull Zoabi down by the collar.  She is unsuccessful when fellow legislators pull her away from Zoabi. Finally, it gets so bad, security is called to establish order.

 And, just think, the US points to Israel as the only “democracy” in the Middle East.

I can only hope that Ms. Zoabi remains safe.  After the video, there is an Al Jazeera compilation of various news sources reporting that Ms. Zoabi has received death threats.


Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

Palestinian Arab MP, Haneen Al-Zo’uby, Receives Israeli Death Threats, attacked by Zionist Invaders at the Podium for Participation in Freedom Flotilla

Al-Zo’uby: I will take part in Freedom Flotilla again in spite of all racists

[ 03/06/2010 – 11:17 AM ]


Palestinian Arab member of Israeli Parliament (Knesset) Haneen Al-Zo’uby told other Israeli members from the podium Wednesday that she will participate in the new Freedom Flotilla in spite of the racists and stressed that all threats and incitement against her will never deter her from assuming her humanitarian duties.

Al-Zo’uby, from the national democratic assembly, received widespread condemnation from other Knesset members except the Arabs and some tried to physically assault her before and after she took the podium yesterday to give a speech. The session was described as the most violent and riotous for years

Despite that, Al-Zo’uby did not care and slammed the Israeli navy’s attack on Monday which led to the killing and injury of dozens of peoples as a criminal act of piracy.

Fears of violence against her forced the Knesset administration to provide her with personal security guards.

According to her parliamentary office, Al-Zo’uby received dozens of death threats by phone calls and emails and some wished that her family would face the same fate of Freedom Flotilla activists.

In another context, senior Hamas official in Israeli jails Ra’fat Nassif condemned the massacre committed by Israel against Freedom Flotilla activists as an international stigma that cannot be removed unless the international community seriously moves to punish the perpetrators.

“As the international community justifies, condones or regrets the Zionist terrorist acts against the Palestinian people under official and programmed sponsorship, the Freedom Flotilla massacre happens in international waters in full view of the whole world to remind everyone that the bloody and terrorist approach is the thing which characterizes all successive Zionist governments,” Nassif said in a letter leaked from his cell.

He underlined that Israel’s crimes cannot be stopped except though isolating it, imposing sanctions on it and bringing its leaders to international justice.

Fundamentalist Israeli Legislators Interrupt Arab MK’s Speech, Call For Deporting Her To Gaza

Thursday June 03, 2010 07:20 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies
Several racist and fundamentalist members of  Israeli parliament (called Knesset in Hebrew)  attacked Arab legislator Haneen Al-Zo’uby, Wednesday, during a discussion of Israel’s deadly raid against the Gaza-bound humanitarian Freedom Flotilla.

Al-Zo’uby was onboard one of the solidarity ships heading to Gaza and was also kidnapped by the army during the attack.

Knesset member of the Likud party, Miri Regev, tried to remove Al-Zo’uby by force during her speech and shouted “go to Gaza, traitor.”

Member of Knesset, Anastasia Michaeli, also attacked Al-Zo’uby by shouts and physical assault and shouted “you should go to Gaza, traitor.”

Several extremist legislators shouted against Al-Zo’uby, disrupted her speech and said she should not be allowed to speak.

The speeches of Arab members of Knesset Mohammad Baraka and Jamal Zahalqa were also disrupted by fundamentalist legislators who said that “the freedom flotilla is a terrorist campaign.”

The fundamentalist Israeli legislators went on to demand that Arab legislators must be deported to Gaza.

Acting government head in Israel, Silvan Shalom, demanded deporting Al-Zo’uby and sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, to the Gaza Strip, and called for stripping them from their Israeli citizenship.

Kadima member of Knesset, Yoal Hason, also demanded “voiding” the citizenship of Al-Zo’uby for being part of the freedom flotilla.

Hason said that Al-Zo’uby “should not be allowed to remain in Israel without preconditions”, and added that her diplomatic passport must be withdrawn and she must be punished.

Arab MK Receives Death Threats for Participation in Freedom Flotilla

Thursday June 03, 2010 13:29 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

Arab Member of Israeli parliament (called Knesset in Hebrew) Haneen Al-Zo’uby was given a security detail after she received several death threats for her participation in the Freedom Flotilla, the convoy of aid ships that was raided Monday by Israeli occupation terrorist forces before it could reach Gaza.

The office of Al-Zo’uby stated that she received dozens of death threats by phone and email, and that some of the messages included direct death threats while other messages “wishes her fast death,” and wishes that she “would lose her family,” the same way activists were shot and killed when the army attacked the Freedom Flotilla.

During a session in the Israeli parliament (called Knesset in Hebrew) on Thursday, Haneen was repeatedly disrupted during her speech while some members of Knesset even tried to attack her physically.

Several Knesset members tried to silence her and then attacked her when she stated that the Israeli attack against the solidarity ships on Monday, and the killing of the peace activists is “a criminal act and an act of piracy”.

Zo’uby stated that deaths threats will not stop her from defending human rights and added that she will participate in upcoming solidarity ships “whether the racists like it or not.”

She is one of 12 Palestinian Arab legislators in parliament, representing about 1.5 million Palestinians whom Israelis could not evict in 1948, and was arrested when the Israeli terrorist army attacked the ships and kidnapped the activists.

During the Knesset session, legislators of several parties including Kadima, Labor and Likud, described her as a “Trojan horse, terrorist, and traitor,” and called for expelling her out of the Knesset and out of the country.

Member of Knesset, Anastasia Michaeli, of the fundamentalist Yisrael Beiteinu Party, shouted at Zo’uby and went up to the podium to physically attack her and shouted “why is this woman allowed to speak” and “go to Gaza” . She tried to physically attack Zo’uby but the guards intervened.

Legislators of the Kadima and the Likud also tried to attack Zo’uby while she was on her way to the stage and uttered dirty words and slurs at her.

This is how the Zionist invaders of the Middle East behave towards the indigenous population and their representatives, repeating the same arrogant behavior of other invaders, like European Crusaders before them.

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