Shaking Hands with the Devil: Canada and Honduras

Posted on April 26, 2010


America Latina: Around the Canadian Imperium
by Anthony Fenton
On the Latin American front, some recent news and analysis:
Tune in to the latest Canadian Dimension ‘Alert’ broadcast: “Honduras–based Rights Action worker, Karen Spring, explains that because the current post military coup government is particularly friendly to Canada’s mining interests in Honduras that the Canadian government is blind to that country’s numerous human rights violations including those conducted by death squads.”
Anti-coup journalists continue to be targeted for kidnapping and assassination, while, cynically, this week the Canadian government “welcomed the announcement by Honduras that it would establish a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the events leading up to the country’s June 28, 2009, coup d’état.”
Former Canadian Ambassador to the US, Michael Kergin, has been appointed an international member of the OAS-sponsored Commission. Whitewashing Canada’s support for the coup and indicating how the OAS is attempting to use the commission to legitimate the fraudulent right wing regime that has installed itself, the press release falsely states, “Canada was deeply involved in all efforts to reach a peaceful, negotiated solution to the political impasse in Honduras,  and has committed to assisting the country with its reconciliation process.”