Cuban Medical Group Has Treated 296,000 Haitians!

Posted on April 15, 2010


Some 296,000 Haitians have already been treated by the Cuban Medical Brigade

Port-au-Prince, Apr 15 (acn) The Cuban Medical Coordination Group has treated some 296,000
citizens in Haiti, after the earthquake that devastated that nation on January 12.
   The group of 1,500 voluntary workers now offering their services in the neighboring
Caribbean country is made up by 739 Cubans, plus graduates and students from Havana’s Latin
American Medical School (ELAM).
   Three months after the disaster, 8,000 surgeries have been performed and almost 107,000
Haitians have been vaccinated against several diseases.
   Likewise, solidarity with the Haitian people has also been expressed by way of 35,000
laboratory tests, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms and X-rays.
   In coordination with authorities in the territory, contributions have been made to the
Child-Youth Program of Psychosocial Damage Mitigation, as part of which 437 sports and
recreational activities have been carried out, attended by over 109,000 children and
   Likewise, systematic attention has been given to the Haitian population by the physicians
and the medical staff working there for over 10 years now, as well as by the members of the
Henry Reeve Internationalists Brigade, composed of some 700 graduates and students from ELAM.
   More than 58,000 patients have received rehabilitation services at various institutions
during the emergency situation, which have undergone 286,000 therapeutic treatments.
   Actions against vectors and visits to 1,060 settlements have been carried out, where
products against rodents, mosquitoes and other disease carriers have been used.
   The members of this medical group are now getting ready to give continuity to various
services, among them those of epidemiology and rehabilitation, as well as for the rebuilding
of the Haitian health system, from primary level to hospitals.


Atendidos 296 mil haitianos por brigada medica cubana

Cuban News Agency
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