Five Journalists Murdered in Honduras: Where are the Headlines?

Posted on April 5, 2010


April 3th, 2010

Five Journalists Murdered in Honduras: Where are the Headlines?


Five journalists were assassinated in Honduras last month, 150 extrajudicial executions since the coup of June 28, 2009, all of them, attributed to the repressive organizations and the paramilitaries hired by the regime, are not enough to draw the attention of the trade press of the continent, which attacks Cuba and Venezuela.

JOSÉ BAYARDO MAIRENA, 52 years old, was assassinated while leaveing his radio program.

Meanwhile, the mechanism of propaganda of the State Department supported by the international agencies, the international trade networks and their network of regional clients, increases the number of headlines against the progressive nations and reports the violence in Honduras out of its political context. The Honduran resistance is claiming loudly for demonstrations of international solidarity towards the executions carried out daily by the repressive methods of the coup d’état regime.

In the last few days, the National Front of Popular Resistance and the group of Artists in Resistance and other organizations have condemned the level of violence undertaken by the government of “Pepe” Lobo with a huge number of dead and injured people.

The Honduran press has been the main victim of the wave of assassinations of the last weeks. On March 1st, the journalists Joseph Hernández and Carol Cabrera were killed and injured respectively. On March 10, David Enrique Meza was assassinated; on the 15th, Nahum Palacios Arteaga, while José Bayardo Mairena and Manuel de Jesús Juárez were murdered on March 27.

Another journalist, Jose Aleman, had to leave the country in a rush after hired assassins tried to murder him in the streets and had already fired his house. What is worse, officers from a police station, where he looked for shelter, told him that they could not guarantee his security.

The groups of resistance have denounced the secretary of security, Óscar Álvarez, as responsible for the repressive system inherited from the dictatorial regime of Roberto Micheletti, which is still in force.

Soon after the attack on the Presidential Residence by the conspirators on June 28, 2009, when President Manuel Zelaya was surprised in his own home and expelled from his country, with the complicity of the United States, some media like Globo Radio and Channel 36 were abruptly closed.

Meanwhile, the owners of the main media took part in the conspiracy. They not only gave Micheletti full support, they also paid for it. The main representative of the extreme right, Jorge Canahuati, paid with his own money part of the lobbying campaign which was carried out in Washington in favour of the dictatorship.

Regarding the self-proclaimed “defenders of the press”, such as Reporters without Boundaries, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Inter American Press Association, they all use discretion in opposition to the constantly aggressive and politicized attitude showed against Cuba and Venezuela, which only confirms their link with the US intelligence apparatus.

It is very interesting how these organizations—which have full coverage in great press agencies—avoid at all costs politicizing their restrained requests for investigations directed by the Honduran authorities which, according to the popular resistance, generate the massacre.

For the Platform of Human Rights, it is about “a strategy of terror, immobilization and persecution against opponents of the coup and the de facto government” and for this reason they ask for the intervention of the international community and the international institutions of human rights to make the current regime stop the criminality and investigate the deaths.”

To avoid the collapse of the regime, Micheletti and his accomplices hired the services of criminals like Billy Joya, creator—along with his US advisors—of the elite commando trained to kill called “Las Cobras”, and veteran of the terrible 3-16 Battalion created by the CIA, which persecuted, tortured and made disappear thousand of Hondurans during the dirty war of the 1980’s.

Joya worked under the commands of the ambassador and CIA officer John Negroponte, who led the contra revolutionary forces in Nicaragua from the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

Involved in the coup d’état in June last year, John Negroponte works as advisor to the secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

In Miami, home of the most corrupt leaders and murderers of the continent, the silence of the media is almost absolute, as well as that of the politicians who some months ago travelled to Honduras to praise Micheletti.

So far, no one has been arrested following investigations on the attacks against the journalists since the coup d’état.