Haiti: Plans to Re-Develop Largest Privately-Owned Shipping Terminal and Port Facility

Posted on March 27, 2010


Ambitious plans for Haiti terminal
27 Mar 2010

Earthquake struck Port-Au-Prince has revealed plans for new jetties and increased depth, along with state-of-the-art container terminal facilities.

Responding to the desperate need for new and expanded port infrastructure to serve earthquake recovery efforts, as well as to address the long-term shipping needs of the country, Haiti-based WIN Group and South Florida-based Santé Holding have announced an agreement to re-develop Terminal Varreux, SA in Port-Au-Prince, the largest privately-owned shipping terminal and port facility in Haiti.

Terminal Varreux currently consists of multiple berths connected to liquid and dry bulk pumping pipelines. The facility was damaged during the recent earthquake, but quickly repaired in order to allow crucial tanker shipments of fuel to Haiti, as Terminal Varreux receives and stores more than 70% of Haiti’s fuel.

The redevelopment plans include a new port, additional jetties and a state of the art 150 acre terminal open to all maritime lines looking to efficiently service Haiti.

The expansion will include a modern container and break-bulk shipping terminal and ancillary facilities. The agreement also includes remediation and expansion of existing piers. 

Under the terms of the agreement, WIN Group will retain control of the dry bulk, liquid bulk and petroleum operations, while the new facilities will be operated by the new joint venture.  Feasibility plans are currently being completed with specific project time-frames due to be announced shortly. 

 “Once completed, this project will not only support Haiti’s ongoing relief efforts, but lay the foundation for the overall modernization of the country’s shipping industry,” said Youri Mevs, managing partner of WIN Group.

“The creation of the new port facilities will greatly increase the capacity of Port-au-Prince to accommodate the on-going demand for relief and recovery cargo into Haiti,” added port development expert and Santé Holding chief executive and chairman, Bruno E Ramos, AIA.

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