El Salvador Sorry for Murder of Archbishop Romero

Posted on March 25, 2010


El Salvador Sorry for Murder of Archbishop Romero  
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24 de marzo de 2010, 15:39Imagen activaSan Salvador, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) El Salvador”s President, Mauricio Funes, today asked forgiveness on behalf of the State, for the murder 30 years ago of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Salvadorians Recall Archbishop Romero

“In my capacity as President I apologize on behalf of the Salvadoran State for that assassination”, Funes said during the unveiling of a mural in honor of Monsignor Romero at the international airport.

He stated that the death squads that killed the prelate acted under the cover, collaboration, acquiescence or participation of State agents.

Romero was killed by a sniper on March 24, 1980 when he he was offering a mass in the chapel of the cancer hospital “La divina providencia” in this capital.

The Truth Commission, which investigated the crimes committed during the internal armed conflict, identified military Roberto D’Aubuisson, already deceased, as the mastermind, who was founder of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA). However, shortly before made public the results of the investigation, the Legislative Assembly, chaired by D’Aubuisson, agreed a general amnesty for the crimes committed during the war (1980-1992).

The Center for Justice and Responsibility in 2004 won the only sentence against one of those implicated in the murder, Captain Alvaro Saravia, sentenced to pay $ 10 million.

“D’Aubuisson was part of the conspiracy to murder Archbishop Romero, but the shooter, the gun and the safety equipment was put by Mario Molina, son of former President Arturo Molina (1972-1977)”, said Saravia.

The Archbishop of San Salvador, considered as “the voice of the voiceless”was killed for defending the poor and denouncing social injustice and military repression.

Posthumous homages to the archbishop take place today in El Salvador and other countries, while the Legislative Assembly decided to declare March 24 as Monsignor Romero National Day.

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