Now This is What Solidarity Looks Like! Cubans Have Treated 200,000 Haitians

Posted on March 13, 2010


Henry Reeve Medical Brigade Treats some 200 000 Haitians  

PORT AU PRINCE, Cuba, March 12 (acn) Nearly 200 thousand Haitians were treated by the Henry
Reeve medical brigade after the earthquake of January 12, reports its coordinators. 

The solidarity with the Haitian people is manifested in their work, both by doctors and other
health personnel who have contribute for over 10 years in that country, as well as the Henry
Reeve International Brigade, made up of some 700 graduates and students from the Latin
American School of Medicine (ELAM). 

They have accumulated about six thousand surgeries, performed over a thousand births; 17 000
laboratory tests, 4 000 ultrasounds, some 1 000 electrocardiograms and the same amount of X-

The Cuban and Latin American medical forces develop, in coordination with the Haitian
authorities, a program of psychosocial damage mitigation for youngsters and infants, and in
its framework they have entertained with recreational activities, games, sports and others,
over 32 000 children. 

They have also vaccinated with tetanus toxoid over 79 000 people and developed a vector
control in 600 settlements, with a rodenticide application and fumigation. 

The Special Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America
(ALBA), in its meeting on January 24th to discuss the situation in Haiti, presented a project
to take on the member countries of the emergency services, epidemiology, rehabilitation and

Likewise, they took on the reconstruction and equipping of all the Haitian health system, from
primary to tertiary hospitals, as a valuable contribution to this nation. 

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